• In front of a record crowd at Heytesbury Stockfeeds Simpson Speedway USA25 Sheldon Haudenschild became the 13th winner of the Mainline DynoLog Dynamometers All Star Challenge.
    The crowd had come with high expectations and weren’t disappointed. Hickman and young Haud running the boards, splitting through the middle of lap cars. Randall, Caruso, Grant Anderson and JMac all hot on their rear nerf bars. With a couple of reds and yellows thrown the final results had Chase Randell in 2nd, Grant Anderson 3rd, Chris Solomon 4th and All Star Rookie Chris Temby home in 5th.
    JMac was running 5th and Todd Moule was moving up through the field but the race ended for both on Lap 30. Moule hooked a rut, JMac headed to the wall, Dan Scott couldn’t pull up in time and flipped over trying to avoid them and as a result all 3 cars weren’t capable of restarting
    With all the hype of the Legend Phil Lock returning in front of his home crowd it was a night of disaster for them. Locky didn’t get past heat 1 taking the front of his car in Turn 2. He emerged from the car uninjured but not so for his car. This sport can be cruel at times and it certainly was for Locky on the night.
    ‘I knew it was going to be a long race and I just had to survive it and thankful to get a win here early. The V45 was good but had an issue, the USA9 car has been good this whole swing and was happy he was up there, I’m bummed that the 45 has an issue as I think we could have had a good race together.” Haudenschild said after thanking everyone at Jack Lee Racing for bringing him over to Australia at the post race interview.
    “It was an awesome night overall for us, the weather was perfect, we had a great car count, as always with this show we got to watch some nail biting racing. At these big shows everyone has highs and lows, they all have their own stories to tell and we have to thank every single team that competed with us. The flies were back in force and we got to share them with our overseas visitors, so now let’s focus and start planning on next year’s Challenge.” Searle says.

    Heat race wins went to – Tancredi, Hickman x 2, Randall, Maiolo, Temby, Haudenschild, and Quinn

    A Main results: - 1st USA25 Sheldon Haudenschild, 2nd USA9Chase Randall, 3rd V11 Grant Anderson 4th V83 Chris Solomon, 5th V18 Chris Temby, 6th V7 Paul Solomon, 7th S33 Mark Caruso, 8th S24 Ricky Maiolo, 9th V68 Brett Milburn, 10th S37 Terry Kelly, 11th V34 Brenten Farrer,, 12th D26 Todd Moule-DNF, 13th V44 James McFadden-DNF,
    14th D7 Matt Reed – DNF, 15th V29 Michael Tancredi – DNF, VA91 Dan Scott-DNF, 17th V45 Rusty Hickman-DNF, 18th S24 Brendan Quinn-DNF, 19th V78 Chris Campbell-DNF, 20th V73 Charles Hunter-DNF.

    Contingency Winners

    IDIGIT Lucky $100 draw – Dan Scott- $100 cash
    Bar Up 8 – Ricky Maiolo
    Bullseye Lucky 7 – Mark Caruso- $100 cash
    Heath Hunter Hire Quick Time Award – Paul Solomon $100 cash
    HCC Maxie’s Keep on Fighting Award – Dan Scott- $100 cash
    TEH Hard Charger –Brenten Farrer- $100 cash
    Fosters Last Man Standing – Brenten Farrer - $100 cash
    Mint Pig Lucky Draw – Charles Hunter - $100 Fuel Card
    Auto Premier Missed the Big Dance – B J Harris - $100 cash
    Skidmore Oil Luck Draw – Jarreth Argus
    MD Motorsport Nerf Bar Set – Phil Lock
    Last Man Running in the B – Todd Hobson - $200

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