• Tasmanian Sprintcar youngster Tate Frost simply can’t wait to go racing. The 20-year-old Motor Technician from Launceston on the Apple Isle has been hamstrung like so many southern state racers by the lack of laps he could lock in due to the unseasonal and uncooperative weather pattens so far in 2022/2023.

    Now, in just two weeks time, he gets to finally flip the switch and contest all four nights of the Clay-Per-View Sprintcar Speedweek – plus a little bonus excursion.

    So keen to get laps in are the Frosts that they’ll venture straight to Simpson (after Murray Bridge’s Round One) to race on the 27th and be back in time for Round Two of Speedweek on December 28 at Mount Gambier.

    “We just want to race,” says Tate’s Dad Anthony, “we’ve been starved on doing laps leading up to Christmas and we just want to get out there. We’re doing as much racing as we possibly can.”

    The T62 Maxim powered by KRE has a number of new partners on board including Doolan's Heavy Haulage, Kart Magic, Kobelco and Launceston Mowers and Chainsaws in addition to Mooie Make Up this summer.

    The team has once again employed the expertise of Steve Trigg to swing the spanners as Tate comes into his fourth season in Sprintcar racing.

    The car is based out of Warrnambool Crane Hire in Victoria whilst Tate and family fly in from Tassie when their season eventually begins on December 26.

    Coming off the back of a stout 2021/2022 where Frost placed fifth in a hectic Australian Championship at Archerfield and scoring runner-up to James McFadden at “Max’s Race” in Warrnambool this time last year the team is raring to go.

    “We know if we want to be the best we’ve got to race the best,” says Anthony Frost, “and next to racing World Series Sprintcars this is the toughest traveling competition we can face in 2022/2023. We can’t wait for Speedweek to start.”

    The addition of Tate Frost adds a wild card factor to the competition that fans will certainly relish.


    December 26, 2022

    Murray Bridge Speedway

    December 28, 2022

    Borderline Speedway Mount Gambier

    December 30, 2022

    Avalon Raceway Lara

    January 1, 2023

    Premier Speedway Warrnambool

    All four nights of the www.clayperview.com Sprintcars Speedweek will be live streamed and will feature the action played on the CPV Giant Video Screen at the venues.

    The Clay-Per-View Sprintcars Speedweek is proudly supported by:


    Speedway Australia

    Sprintcars Australia

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