• With a field of 42 including some of our sports biggest names already entered for Premier Speedway’s Fifty for 50 Weekend as presented by South West Conveyancing, nominations are still open to allow all competitors a chance to work through any COVID border requirements and the like.

    From a Race Fan’s point of view ticket sales have been strong, with the Grandstand Sold Out and Sales I the Terrace area also moving along solidly. A maximum of 2000 General Admission tickets are available each night in addition to the two reserved seating areas (Grandstand and Terrace) so be sure to get on line at www.premierspeedway.com.au to secure your tickets as once the 3000 limit is reached there will be no further sales.

    For both Friday January 22 and Saturday January 23, 2021 the following timeline should be noted:

    Pit Gates Open at 1pm.

    The Highway Car Park Gates will Open from 2pm.

    Public Entry will commence at 3.30pm – Please note if you have a seat in the Grandstand or Terrace your seat is reserved so there is no rush to be in the venue.

    Cars will be on track from 5.30pm for Engine Starts, Hot Laps and then Qualifying.

    Additional Information:

    Once you have selected your seating area, you will not be able to cross over to another part of the venue. For example if you are sitting on Mt. Max on the Eastern side of the Complex you cannot go back to the Warrnambool or Western side.

    There is no cross over between Public Areas and the Pit Enclosure.

    Face Masks are required in the Pits and are highly recommended for the General Public. It is a requirement that you wear you mask when attending the canteen, booths or bathrooms.

    All food as purchased must be consumed at your seat.

    Wet and Dry Areas as per our Liquor Licence will be enforced.

    There is NO Camping.

    The List of Sprintcar Entrants to this point are:


    A1 Jamie Veal
    V2 Domain Ramsay
    SA3 Ben Morris
    V3 Darren Mollenoyux
    S4 Lisa Walker
    V6 Cameron Waters
    NQ7 Lachlan McHugh
    V8 Bobby Daly
    S11 Scott Enderl
    VA11 Phil Micallef
    V12 Kristy Ellis
    S13 Brock Hallett
    V17 Dennis Jones
    W17 James McFadden
    S19 Brad Keller
    S20 Glen Sutherland
    V20 Brayden Cooley
    T22 Jock Goodyer
    NT25 Jye O’Keeffe
    S27 Daniel Pestka
    V27 Ross Jarred
    V28 Andrew Hughes
    V32 Stephen Spark
    N36 Eddie Lumbar
    V37 Grant Anderson
    N40 Chris McInerney
    S43 Daniel Puddy
    V44 Tim Van Ginneken
    V48 Adam King
    VA51 Robert Nicholas
    S52 Matt Egel
    V57 Troy Hose
    T62 Tate Frost
    V68 Brett Milburn
    V70 John Vogels
    V72 Jake Smith
    V75 Mitch Smith
    VA75 David Donegan
    V77 Brayden Parr
    V88 Robbie Farr
    VA88 Grant Stansfield
    V98 Peter Doukas

    Street Stock and Super Rod Invitationals will also be a part of each nights racing.

    End Release
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