• James McFadden has taken out the Rural City of Murray Bridge 60 4 60 at Murray Bridge Speedway after taking the lead in the second half of the race.

    After starting from the front row, Jamie Veal looked the goods early on, before his rear tyre exploded - but, conveniently within the 30-lap half-way mark window, thus bringing the race to it's compulsory pit-stop.

    Veal, along with Robbie Farr and Brock Hallett all opted to change their tyres sending them to the rear of the field.

    This left Marcus Dumesny in the lead, who was desperately trying to nurse his car home with a deflating inner front tyre, but opened the window for McFadden to take control of the race and secure the 60-Lap finale.

    Jock Goodyer was impressive in finishing second, with Grant Anderson is his first drive for the Downing Brothers Race Team in third.

    Veal stormed from the back of the pack to finish in fourth, with Farr in fifth and Dumesny fading to sixth.

    Sprintcars 60 Lap A Main:

    1 #W17 James McFadden
    2 #T22 Jock Goodyer
    3 #S97 Grant Anderson
    4 #A1 Jamie Veal
    5 #NQ7 Robbie Farr
    6 #N47 Marcus Dumesny
    7 #S81 Luke Dillon
    8 #N57 Matthew Dumesny
    9 #N53 Jessie Attard
    10 #S13 Brock Hallett
    11 #S78 Keke Falland
    12 #T62 Tate Frost
    13 #S15 Aidan Hall
    14 #S14 Brendan Quinn DNF
    15 #S2 Craig Vanderstelt DNF
    16 #NT21 Chace Karpenko DNF
    17 #S10 Steven Caruso DNF
    18 #S45 Jake Tranter DNF
    19 #S52 Matt Egel DNF
    20 #S63 Ryan Jones DNF


    Will Carroll led home an all Victorian Top-6 in the Formula 500s 65 Roses Race on Sunday night.

    After securing pole position in the Gold Shootout, Caroll was challenged by Ash Sinclair and Angus Hollis in the latter parts of the race, with Hollis unfortunately spinning and giving up his likely podium finish.

    This gave Caroll the breathing room he needed to eventually cross the line in what was an eventful 30 lap feature, seeing 11 non finishers on the in-field.

    Jordan Rae claimed 2nd with Sinclair in for third.

    Formula 500s A Main Results:

    1 #V46 Will Carroll
    2 #V9 Jordan Rae
    3 #V51 Ash Sinclair
    4 #V4 Jack Bell
    5 #S73 Brendan Zadow
    6 #V2 Angus Hollis
    7 #V55 Terry Rankin
    8 #S12 Jordan Mansell
    9 #V14 Jett Speed
    10 #V48 Ryan O’Keefe
    11 #S65 Simon Reichelt
    12 #S33 Brad Stell DNF
    13 #S64 Patrick Merrett DNF
    14 #S39 Dean Cottrell DNF
    15 #V25 Dylan Willsher DNF
    16 #T35 Dean Ellston DNF
    17 #S27 Angelo Karoussis DNF
    18 #S7 Chris Pinchbeck DNF
    19 #S8 Michael Wise DNF
    20 #V95 Dale Sinclair DNF
    21 #S21 Richard Schmidt DNF
    22 #V71 Kurt Dunham DNF
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