• Reigning National Super Sedan Champion Matt Pascoe leads the overnight pointscore in the 2019/2020 SSA National Super Sedan Title that is being held at the Borderline Speedway in Mount Gambier South Australia.

    Fifteen qualifying heats were held across the night with some sensational action witnessed during the evening.

    Chilly weather conditions greeted competitors and spectators with a great crowd on hand for the opening nights competition.

    South Australian Steve Schwarz won the opening heat of the night with Matt Pascoe working his way into second place by race end after finding a way past Wayne Dick.

    Mick Nicola Jr tried everything to find a way past Queenslander Sam Roza in heat two with Corey Smith having a lonely race to finish third.

    Five time Victorian Champion Lucas Roberts dominated heat three with Callum Harper working his way into second.

    Ryan Alexander collected the thirty six points in heat four aboard the National Karate S47 with Tyson Moon holding off Phil Barton after a great battle for second.

    The first major incident of the night occurred in heat five when Dave Gartner attempted to pass Steve Latham for the lead on the final lap with the two bagging wheels as they raced to the chequered flag.

    Gartner was awarded the victory from Latham with Victorian Darren Giacometti third.

    The opening heat of the second round saw Matt Pascoe lead the entire ten laps aboard the Sweet Chassis house car with Corey Smith and Western Australian Chris Pavlovich the top three.

    Peter Nicola and Darren Kane came together while battling for supremacy in heat seven with Kane spinning before recovering to second ahead of North Queensland's Trent Wilson.

    Heat Eight witnessed a great battle for the lead with Mick Nicola Jr working the bottom side of the racetrack to find a way past Dave Gartner.

    Broome's Phil Barton lead home fellow West Aussie Gary Higgs who held off a fast finishing Ryan Alexander in heat nine.

    Lee Aylett retired from the lead of heat ten with major engine issues aboard his W4 entry handing the lead to Bega New South Wales based peddler Tyson Moon.

    Paul Blenkiron and David Musch followed Moon home with the race track starting to wide out heading into the final part of the program.

    Heat Eleven featured some of Australia's best Super Sedan drivers. Darren Kane shoot to the lead and won by 1.400 seconds from Matt Pascoe and Darren Giacometti. The big story was Callum Harper suffering engine issues after challenging Pascoe for second.

    Mick Nicola Sr worked his way through the field to finish second to Paul Blenkiron in heat twelve with Bob McCosker third.

    Heat Thirteen saw many stoppages occur with Peter Nicola spinning to the infield collecting the tyre barrier. Ryan Alexander and Lucas Roberts charged their way to the front of the field with the V0 Insane Chassis taking the win.

    Kym Jury spun in front of the field at the start of heat fourteen before former Tasmanian Champion Steve Latham charged his way through the field to defeat Sam Roza and veteran Robby Marchant.

    2011 National Super Sedan Champion Steve Jordan lead all ten laps in heat fifteen with some great side by side action throughout the field.

    Queenslanders David Musch and Leigh Williams followed Jordan across the line.

    Five more heat races will be held tomorrow night before the two B Main and forty lap A Main to decide the 2019/2020 SSA National Super Sedan Title.

    Racing gets underway at 5pm SA time with the MJS Street Stock Series also on the program.

    The Overall Point Score After Night One

    1. A1 Matt Pascoe 92
    2. S47 Ryan Alexander 87
    3. T8 Steve Latham 81
    4. V23 Mick Nicola Jr 81
    5. N57 Tyson Moon 81
    6. Q36 Darren Kane 77
    7. S8 Dave Gartner 77
    8. W36 Phil Barton 76
    9. Q77 Sam Roza 74
    10. S22 Paul Blenkiron 72
    11. V0 Lucas Roberts 72
    12. T6 Corey Smith 68
    13. Q7 Steve Jordan 66
    14. V12 Darren Giacometti 63
    15. Q44 Trent Wilson 63
    16. Q12 David Musch 59
    17. V2 Peter Nicola 57
    18. Q4 Leigh Williams 56
    19. V3 Mick Nicola Sr 53
    20. W81 Gary Higgs 53
    21. Q39 Bob McCosker 48
    22. T22 Callum Harper 47
    23. S99 Steve Schwarz 46
    24. N7 Wayne Dick 46
    25. S87 Robby Marchant 45
    26. Q63 Justin Smithwick 43
    27. V71 Lionel West 41
    28. W8 Chris Pavlovich 39
    29. V16 Ash Bergmeier 39
    30. V7 Trent Susol 31
    31. N47 Darryl Moon 29
    32. S12 Kym Hammerstein 29
    33. W9 Kemble Aylett 28
    34. N21 Darren Anning 26
    35. S63 Kym Cottrell 26
    36. N33 Mark Towers 24
    37. W4 Lee Aylett 23
    38. S93 Kym Jury 21
    39. N11 Mark Sommers 20
    40. S34 Kym Leyson 20
    41. V56 Neil Witnish 19
    42. V24 David Mackenzie 19
    43. V41 Ben Faulkhead 18

    Photo of Matt Pascoe by Steven Rice
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