• The field is colossal.

    Over 70 of the fastest Wingless Sprint pilots outside of an Australian Championship are set to sizzle this Saturday night at Valvoline Raceway Parramatta for the second round of the Australian Wingless Sprint Super Series.

    With stars from Queensland, Victoria and New South Wales this really will be a mammoth affair.

    The final round of the AWSS will be held over the March long weekend in South Australia at Murray Machining & Sheds Speedway Murray Bridge with a massive $10,000 to win prize.

    Before all that though someone is going to be one very happy camper to get the "W" in Sydney ahead of the March extravaganza.

    After the first round was won by Victorian Luke Weel at Hi-Tec Oils Toowoomba Speedway the hard charger now faces the arduous task of backing it up outside his home state.

    His best result was a podium in 2016 but Weel openly admits "we haven't been very good there since."

    He naturally wants to turn all that around on Saturday!

    NSW hard charger Troy Carey got off to a flying start in Round One finishing second and now that he's back on 'home clay' this Saturday night he's expected to give the points another shake.

    NSW champions Jason Bates and Dean Thomas return from their crew duties at The Warrnambool Classic last weekend all fired up with determination to score victory against this enormous line-up.

    If not for the Victorian Weel the top twenty in points is a real "State of Origin" affair between NSW and QLD - a situation that is unlikely to change this coming weekend.

    The field is littered with former State and 50-lapper champions plus a wild card list that will undoubtedly keep any 'pre-race favourites' well and truly on their toes!


    VX50 Luke Weel 150
    N45 Troy Carey 148
    V32 Dayn Bentvelzen 146
    N41 Jason Bates 142
    V2 Travis Millar 140
    N97 Kyle Mock 138
    NX71 David Eggins 136
    Q49 Cody O'Connell 134
    NX31 Joel Rhind 130
    Q48 Casey O'Connell 128
    N19 Cody Boulding 126
    Q18 Brody Thomsen 124
    NX82 Nathan Dicker 116
    N2 Robert Mazzer 114
    N5 Mark Blyton 110
    Q8 Scott Thomsen 106
    NX37 Jaidyn Boulding 106
    NX36 Michael Butcher 104
    NX60 Graham Flood 104
    NX39 Matthew Nikiforoff 100


    N2 Robert MAZZER
    NX2 Todd HOBSON
    V2 Travis MILLAR
    V3 John ROTHERAM
    N4 Jason DAVIS
    N5 Mark BLYTON
    NX7 Mitchell BOOTLAND
    N8 Jack HOTCHKIS
    8Q Scott THOMSEN
    NX8 Troy FLOOD
    N9 Dalton ROWELL
    NX9 Andrew SEERY
    NX11 John NEWMAN
    N12 Brock GARDINER
    NX13 Ben HULL
    NX15 Amy SHUTE
    N16 Ashleigh JACK
    NX16 Andrew SAYRE
    Q18 Brody THOMSEN
    N19 Cody BOULDING
    N20 Troy LITTLE
    NX21 Kyle IONN
    N23 Jamie DICKER
    NX23 Matthew PESCOD
    NX24 Corey ROBERTS
    N25 Marshall BLYTON
    NX25 Kaila BLAYNEY
    N27 Parker EVELEIGH
    N28 Matthew MUNN
    NX31 Joel RHIND
    N34 Adam HOTCHKIS
    N35 Sean MAYO
    NX35 Michael BRAGGS
    NX36 Michael BUTCHER
    NX37 Jaidyn BOULDING
    NX39 Matthew NIKIFOROFF
    N41 Jason BATES
    VX41 Aaron KENNETT
    NX41 Daniel NIKIFOROFF
    N45 Troy CAREY
    Q48 Casey O'CONNELL
    NX48 Tyson WILLIAMS
    Q49 Cody O'CONNELL
    VX50 Luke WEEL
    N51 Dean THOMAS
    N52 Steve THOMAS
    NX52 William LUCAS
    N53 Jeffrey THOMAS
    Q60 Michael LAMPARD
    NX60 Graham FLOOD
    N61 Peter GRANGER
    V67 Christopher HALESWORTH
    N71 Marcus RUMSEY
    NX71 David EGGINS
    N74 Mitch MANNING
    N75 Bailey GOODWIN
    NX78 Kyle HAZELL
    V79 Clint MCLAREN
    N81 Andrew SMITH
    NX82 Nathan DICKER
    N84 Jarrad RUST
    N86 Nicholas TATNELL
    N89 Jacqui SALMON
    NX91 Shane SHEEDY
    N97 Kyle MOCK
    N98 Leighton O'BRIEN
    V99 Jason DONNELLY
    N99 Mitchell O'BRIEN
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