• ANTHONY Beare has dominated the Mildura B and S Earthworks Timmis Speedway track once again backing up his Australian Title last weekend and defending his Victorian Title this weekend.

    But it wasn't all Beare's own way in the final, with former Australian Champion and current NSW Number One Rhys Heinrich - driving for Patriot Motorsport - pushing the current Champion the duration of the race and leading for some of it.

    "I was never confident, even on the last corner," Beare said of the final Saturday night.

    "I had nothing left.

    "It took everything just to keep up with him let alone to pass him again."

    On a track Beare described as probably rougher than last weekend, he said the top line wasn't as wide and went away quicker.

    "So it was just picking the best line through the holes. But it made the track racier," he added.

    Beare started off the front row for the final, alongside the talent of Gippsland driver AJ Lawrence. Despite qualifying off Pole he once again opted to start outside.

    "I geared my car to run the fence so that’s why I started there," Beare said.

    "The racetrack was on the fence for the start of the final."

    Beare acknowledged the efforts of AJ Lawrence, who at just 16 was a force to be reckoned with at both the National and Victorian Titles.

    "It’s good to see a young bloke up the front, he is going to be a really good driver in years to come," he said.

    "Look out when he sorts his car issues out."

    Beare's win was made even more special by the fact there were some attendees in the audience, including his daughter Eshe and Olivia.

    "They love racing and having our family and friends makes it so much better," he said.

    Despite having some problems over the weekend, Beare said the current Number 46 is definitely the best looking race car he has had, although the jury is still out as to if it is his favourite.

    "Well it looks the sexiest," he said.

    "But really that’s like asking which child I love more.

    "I have also hated them all at times.

    "It’s a constant love/hate relationship.

    "But still it’s no Corolla."

    Favourite or not, the Number 46 Commodore has helped Beare win his 25th State Title on Saturday night and his sixth National Title the weekend before - meaning he has won more Titles than any other speedway driver.

    Despite this Beare said he is constantly learning every race.

    "It took me years to learn how to get passed and not panic," he said.

    "That (continually developing and learning) and extremely good car maintenance, that is the most under used thing in our class.

    "And never given up till the chequered flag."

    Beare will most likely park his Street Stock until next season now, with his focus shifting to Saloon racing.

    "Nash Harris has given me an opportunity to race his Saloon Car for the season so there are rounds at Phillip Island in May, Winton in June and Sandown in July so that will still keep us pretty busy," he said.

    Many drivers and spectators are labelling the State Title as one of the best races they have seen, and driver of the NSW 1, Heinrich, played a big part in that.

    After a huge learning curve in the Australian Title, where Heinrich said the car setup was missed for most races, and borrowing parts to find a good setup on a rough track, the Patriot Motorsport crew refocused and did what needed to be done during the week in order to be more successful at the Victorian Title.

    "During the week we also got new tyres which made all the difference to get through heats at the best we could," Heinrich added.

    He had a good run through the heats and started from the second row in the A Main but still nervous heading into the final.

    "After last week there wasn't much confidence, having been a 35 lap final this week and only just making 30 of the 40 last week, I wasn't sure if the car would hold on.

    "However, I knew we had the pace to run quick if the car could hold.

    "My main goal was just to finish the race, we conserved a bit for the start as I thought there would be yellows eventually and we were in a good position."

    Heinrich said he led for half the race, passing Beare coming out of Turn Two.

    "From there I think we would have swapped each other for the lead at least five times, there was a couple laps continuous where we ran side by side all the way around the track."

    Although Beare eventually claimed the win, Heinrich was okay with being the best of the rest.

    "Yes, you are right everyone wants Number One but after the race both Bearey and I said to each other that whoever won out of the two of us, with the race that had gone on there was no doubt we both felt like winners," he said.

    "Sure I've come second to him I think four times in State Titles and we've been close every time but just haven't had the competitive race like we had on Saturday night.

    "Bearey is a star, there's no doubt about it and he has taught me that much about building cars and driving over the past six years of knowing him. "At the end of the day we are great mates and have great respect for each other that we are always stoked for each others achievements."

    Youngest driver at the Title, Lawrence said to start off the front row beside Beare was a dream come true.

    "I was surrounded with ex-Australian champions and I couldn’t believe where I started in that final," he said.

    My plan was to save my car but stay with the lead group but then I lost power steering and had to pull in causing a DNF.

    "It's not the way we wanted to finish but we are still happy with our efforts."

    Lawrence said the Victorian Title was one of the best experiences he has ever had.

    "It was amazing to race with people I look up to," he said.

    "I have definitely learnt a lot of things over the two weekends."

    Crossing the line behind Beare and Heinirch was Tasmanian Troy Russell, local driver Corey Sandow and the Number 87 of Jayden Edwards.

    Sandow jumped into the FG of Trevor Logan's after not having time to turn his car around from the National Title, sustaining damage to a strut tower and having an issue with the engine losing power.

    "The FG required a whole different driving style to what I was used to but they are so much more manageable when the track is fast and rough," Sandow said.

    "We fitted the car with all new ESS suspension and it was awesome to drive from the word go.

    "Loved it."

    After a quite and trouble ridden Australian Title campaign Sandow qualified well to start the A Main.

    "Starting 11th out of 80 drivers in a car completely different to what I was used to was a cool thing to achieve," Sandow said.

    "Then to work my up to fourth was even better after the disappointing end at the Aussie.

    "I’m stoked with that result and I can't thank Trev Logan enough and everyone that helped and supported me all weekend."

    In other racing on Saturday night at B and S Earthworks Timmis Speedway, Ballarat's Kasey Ferguson claimed the Junior Sedan final.

    The next meeting to be held at Timmis Speedway is on Saturday, March 30 and includes the Sprintcar Allstars Final Round and the Murray Magic Modified Sedan Feature.

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