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  • This Saturday night Nyora Raceway’s second last meeting of the season will host the crazy competitors of the Demolition Derby world who will smash, bash and slam their cars into each other until only one car can keep moving, before those very same cars will be amongst a fleet of vehicles being dropped from the sky to smash and watch parts fly everywhere in the Membreys Transport & Crane Hire Car Drop, if this hasn’t already got your attention, maybe the racing will.

    Racing includes a large contingent of Wingless Sprints with Ladies and Open fields, Grand Prix Midgets, Division 2 Hot Rods, Sports Sedans and Vintage Demonstration Super Modifieds and Sprintcars with Fireworks during the night provided by racecars and then Peninsula Fireworks with a dazzling night show.

    Sports Sedans are competing for Victorian state points in the South Gippsland Stampede with Jake Blencowe a winner at Nyora already this season ready to double up on the earlier victory with competition coming from Robert Bickham, Darren O’Brien and Dale Morrison.

    The Grand Prix Midgets return with the South Gippsland Classic on the line and the Australian Champion Trevor Perry leading the troupe. Travis Florimell is the biggest challenger whilst Lisa Chalcraft is trying to keep the pressure on Perry and take the lead in the state point score.

    Mark Miles, Aaron Price and Mitch Blencowe lead the nominations in Standard Saloons with the former two time state points champion Miles looking to finish the season strongly.

    Victorian Division 2 Hot Rod champion Scott Laidlaw from Morwell is the one to beat on Saturday night whilst Rob Tatterson and has son Troy will keep Laidlaw honest.

    Samantha Millar, Renae Eastham and Brittany Kuypers look most likely to be battling for a Ladies Wingless Sprint win on Saturday night whilst in the Open Wingless Sprints Wayne Logue, Luke Weel, Brad Foster, Wayne Hurford, Todd Hobson, Travis Millar, Peter Logue and Warrick Taylor are some serious competitors in what will a great show.

    Travis Millar won the last time the cars hit the track at Nyora, however this line up is even stronger than the last one, picking a winner is impossible.

    Finally the Demolition Derby has some crazy cats in the field, with the writer personally knowing some of them, ‘Bad Ass’ Brad Warren, ‘Dangerous’ Dale Morrison and ‘Jacked up ‘Jason Judd do not need any reason to tear up stuff and here they are getting to do exactly that. They will likely tear each other apart and one of the others like ‘Rupert’ Anthony Segond will take the biscuits.

    If you have enquiries call Amanda on 0408 076 965 Racing will begin at 4pm this Saturday Night with entrance prices $20 for an adult, Kids 12 to 16 are $10 each whilst all other children are free, Pensioners are $10 & a Family ticket is $50 for 2 adults and three 12 – 16 kids & others less than 12 in age

    Nyora Raceway Inc also would like to thank their supporters for 16/17
    Ramsdale Wreckers Pakenham
    Miles Mechanical Pakenham
    Total Autos Pakenham
    Tooradin Sports Club
    Fun City Entertainment Complex
    Moe Recyclers
    ARP Earthworks
    All Care Exhausts Pakenham
    Bass Concreting
    John Duff & CO - Shell
    Omni Fluid Handling Solutions
    Flatout Trailers & Fabrication
    CBM Photography
    Onsite Rental Group
    Mornington Motors
    Peninsula District Towing
    Somerville Motor Body Works
    EPH Construction
    Fun City Sunshine
    Yarra Valley Speedway Kart Club
    Ultimate Awards
    BAM Inspect & Build
    Pakenham Accident Repairs
    Phoenix Lubricants
    BGN Auto Glass Pakenham
    Cheap Tyres Morwell
    QP Lubricants
    Affordable Auto Salvage
    Ripper Sticker
    Kool Freighters
    Taylor’d Fabrications
    Russell Steel
    Polish N Shine
    Heartfelt Candles
    Dandenong Pest Control
    Narre Warren Flooring
    ANZ Carpentry
    Stephenson Transport

    DS14 John Watson
    N24 Robert Bickham
    AX75 David Donegan
    AX29 Dale Morrison
    DS90 Jake Blencowe
    N17 Chris Miles
    N22 Darren O’Brien

    A1 Trevor Perry
    V6 Paul Perry
    V10 Mark Blackeby
    V13 Chris Fowler
    V15 Lisa Chalcraft
    V31 Marty Job
    V37 David Bacon
    V50 Jason Crawford
    V52 Sean Denning
    V81 Travis Florimell

    N23 Justin Hutchins
    N66 Allana Ardley
    N9 Brendon Miles
    RD79 Ricky Connor
    DS47 Craig Lansdown
    N5 Greg Williams
    N42 Garry Charles
    DS10 Mitchell Blencowe
    N12 Mark Miles
    N7 Aaron Price
    DS78 Simon Strang

    Moe22 Troy Tatterson
    VIC3 Rob Tatterson
    VIC1 Scotty Laidlaw
    RD72 Broderick Stray
    N42 Daniel Angus
    Moe8 Ricky Low
    Moe67 Jamie Angus

    6 Robbie Noonan
    5 Rob Watson
    Vic2 Dean West
    53 Dave Hender
    62 Peter Rowland
    37 Glenn Barnett

    V3 Bianca Toogood
    V37 Stefani McDonald
    V64 Brittany Kuypers
    V88 Renae Eastham
    V93 Samantha Millar
    V134 Breanna Hall

    V3 Kelvin Toogood
    V10 Peter Merrett
    V16 Wayne Logue
    V20 Thomas McDonald
    V24 Michael Lovell
    V28 Luke Weel
    V29 Chris Skilton
    V37 Ben Grey
    V46 Brad Foster
    V48 Michael Skene
    V52 Scott Irons
    V64 Brittany Kuypers
    V70 Aron Lawrence
    V73 Wayne Hurford
    V83 Todd Hobson
    V85 Jason Beattie
    V88 Renae Eastham
    V93 Travis Millar
    V98 Peter Logue
    V121 Ricky Mills
    V134 Breanna Hall
    V144 Glen Harris
    V169 Warrick Taylor
    V177 Travis Evans
    V191 Ben Poliansky

    44 Stephen Douglas
    15 Ben West
    666 Michael Stares
    34 Andrew Miles
    69 Reese Vanes
    1 Cameron Vanes
    5 Josh Anderson
    9 Brendon Miles
    27 Jeff McPherson
    95 Anthony Segond
    84 Brad Warren
    6 Micheal Ardley
    187 Bungy Judd
    13 Dale Morrison

    Written by
    Dean Thompson
    DMT Sports Media
    For Nyora Raceway Inc

    Image Sourced from the Internet

    Image Sourced from the Internet

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