• Speedway Wangaratta clicks into gear once more this Saturday night with the Production Sedans the major event of the show with the first of two slated feature races in the next two months attracting the new Australian champion Trevor Mills, former two times national champion Steve Laidlaw and local club members Brendan Harper and Raymond Ussher to do battle.

    Not to miss out the Goulburn Ovens Sedans finalise their three ‘Ryan’s Refrigerated Transport’ track series round track series at Wangaratta and the SDAV Hot Rods powered by V8 engines and the Grand Prix Midgets will be hammer down trying to win series rounds for their classes.

    Mills has been on a hot streak with three feature wins in his last three feature starts, including a win last start at Wangaratta and winning the ‘Ryan’s Refrigerated Transport 1000’. Brad Hutchinson who recently finished third in the Victorian title, Laidlaw who recently won at Bairnsdale and Harper and Ussher who are running in the top three in the Victorian state point score are all keen to knock the national champion off the top rung of the podium this Saturday night.

    A great field of Goulburn Ovens Sedans interestingly has Mills and his team mate Jack Milthorpe from the Production Sedans nominated to compete. However those two are a couple rounds two late to do any damage at the top of the points sheets with Clint Henderson, Chelsea Cornelius, Frank Gordon, Nathan Shortis and Ross Maclean all having been there or there abouts in the first two rounds so far.

    Cornelius is looking to secure the overall and still has a fire in her belly after being penalised after crossing the finish line first at her last start at Wangaratta. Henderson is coming off a win at Wahgunyah at the last race meeting and Maclean is looking for some mechanical consistency before the Victorian title next month at Wahgunyah.

    Action amongst the popular 34’ Ford bodied SDAV Hot Rods should be fierce with this seasons stand out so far Jason May having his hands full with a trio of Marco’s Stan Jnr, Stan and Tom not to forget Jason’s own brother Jamie. Grand Prix Midget action will pit the fastest racer in the field Trevor Perry up against the fierce and fast Lisa Chalcraft with the two drivers amongst the top three in the state points. Travis Florimell should contend if his car is less temperamental this weekend whilst Chris Fowler has noted on his little black book that finishing every race is a priority.

    Club heroes in Standard Saloons, Sports Sedans and Junior Sedans makes for an action packed event.

    Gates to enter will swing open at 12pm for fans with racing from 4pm & enquiries can be made to 0427 308 976. The venue operates with a licensed bar & as such BYO is strictly forbidden.

    Entry for the event will cost fans the following: Adults $20, accept for club members and aged/disabled who pay $15 & $10 for teenagers and young adults between 12 & 18 whilst under the age of 12 will be free entry.

    Standard Saloons, Sports Sedans and Junior Sedans are the supporting classes this weekend.

    Wangaratta Speedway Club Supporters for 16/17:
    SuperAxe Woodsplitters
    One Mile Motors
    Crosher Constructions
    Wangaratta Auto Care
    Wangaratta Radiators
    North East Fasteners
    A Grade Removals & Storage
    Enzed Wangaratta
    McDonalds Wangaratta
    Alpine Truss
    Gardenview Lodge Motel
    IGA Wangaratta
    APCO Fuel Wangaratta
    Thommo's Cash for Scrap
    Solimo Towing
    Ussher Plumbing
    Patton Automotive
    Ryan’s Refrigerated Transport
    Wangaratta Tourist & Caravan Park
    Meyland Trophies
    Rural City of Wangaratta
    Wangaratta Club
    Grimshaw Signs
    Conway Printers Jindera
    North East Bearings
    Keam Fertilizers
    Tailor Made Kitchens
    Mundie Engineering
    Breen’s Freight
    Chumlee Signs
    Wangaratta Cranes
    Tuff Tyres
    Bar Up Bullbars
    Kalari Photography, Videography & Merchandise

    Trevor Mills – Corowa - Australia 1
    Brad Hutchinson Moe – Victoria 3
    Bruce Robb – Wagga – NSW 4
    Jack Milthorpe –Corowa -NSW 5
    Steve Terry – Dubbo – NSW 12
    Rodney Anderson – Wagga - NSW 17
    Andrew Smith – NSW - 21
    Gemma Laidlaw – Bairnsdale – 26
    Steve Laidlaw – Rosedale – 30
    Steve Aldridge – Portland - 35
    Tom Barnard – Corowa – NSW 69
    Brendan Harper – Wangaratta - 58
    Jason Boardman – Wagga – NSW 97
    Ray Ussher – Wangaratta – 98

    Chris Fitzgerald – Corowa 14
    Tom Kuhne – Corowa 22
    Trev Goldsworthy –Wangaratta 38
    Liam Powell – Wangaratta 45
    Leo Joosten – Corowa 46
    Gary Evans – Wangaratta 61
    Trevor Evans – Wangaratta 62
    Stuart Densem – Wangaratta 66
    Kenny Mankey – Wangaratta 77

    Matt Stampfli – Alexandra 5
    Tommy McDonald – Wangaratta 6
    Steven Edyvean – Wangaratta 11
    Leighton Evans – Wangaratta 15
    Jack Van Bremen – Alexandra 16
    Craig Cottier – Wangaratta 34
    Liam Powell – Wangaratta 45
    Fleur Heiner – Mount Beauty 61
    Troy Peterson – Wangaratta 78
    Thomas Bowers – Corowa 82

    Jake Cottier – Wangaratta 11
    Ruby Pritchard – Mount Beauty 25
    Daniel Powell – Wangaratta 45
    Zac Twomey – Corowa 69
    Ashleeh Bunt – Corowa 84
    Will Heiner – Mount Beauty 96

    Nathan Shortis – Wangaratta – Victoria 2
    Peter Schmetzer – Corowa 4
    Jack Milthorpe – Corowa 5
    Trevor Mills – Corowa 10
    Jack Bear – Corowa 19
    Clint Henderson – Corowa 21
    Stuart Balins – Corowa 22
    Joel Copeland – Corowa 23
    Scott Callendar – Corowa 24
    Ross Maclean – Corowa 27
    Danny Smith – Corowa 36
    James Powell – Wangaratta 44
    Mitch Watts – Leeton 54
    Tom Barnard – Corowa 69
    Chelsea Cornelius – Corowa 76
    Jamie Atkins – Leeton 77
    Mick Bunt – Corowa 85
    Thomas Bowers – Corowa 82
    Frank Gordon – Leeton 92
    Sam Davey – Corowa 93
    Harry Walliss – Corowa 96

    Paul Perry – Australia 1
    Mark Blacksby – 10
    Chris Fowler – 13
    Lisa Chalcraft – 15
    Marty Job – 31
    David Bacon – 37
    Sean Denning - 52
    Trevor Perry – 55
    Travis Florimell – 81

    Stan Marco Jnr – 2
    Phil Jenkins – 3
    Stan Marco – 5
    Jamie May – 8
    Jason May – 9
    Chris Wilkes – 13
    Russell Hovey – 25
    Tom Marco – 27
    Graeme Briggs – 88
    Glenn Lawless – 99

    Written by
    Dean Thompson
    DMT Sports Media
    For Speedway Wangaratta
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