• The annual King of the Mount Street Stock show will share equaling billing as the main event this weekend with thirty plus Street Stocks trying to dethrone Jason Degoldi as our ‘King of the Mount’ whilst the Victorian Speedway Council Sprintcars are in town for their state title and one racer will be known as the champion for the next twelve months as they steer their Winged machine around the traps.

    Thirty-Seven Street Stocks at last count had put in their nomination in to get down to battle, current Queensland Champion Matt Nelson is on that list as the only current state champion in the field. A long list of competitions will hope to be at the end of the race and in the top and preferably holding the front position and we could leave out some names, however the editor will not let us put everybody in.

    Starting with Belmont Speedway Drivers Club and local Ballarat race drivers we put Jason Degoldi as number one. Dean Jenkins, Scott Secombe, Mick Clark, Aaron White, and Jayden Blomeley are drivers to watch.

    From the visiting club drivers after Nelson we add, Morris Ahearn, Steven Watts, Ricky Cornwall, Jason Duell, Chris Marino, Shane Roycroft, David Barrie, Tyler Barton, and Terry Hammond as likely combatants in the top five.

    After a gruelling race, somebody will stand out and the crown will King or for that fact a Queen will reign supreme with several Ladies in the line up including Ellen Vagg, Zoey Salau, Felicity Roycroft and Kayla Knox amongst them.

    The Sprintcar most inform drivers are the two-car team from Bairnsdale of Adam Greenwood and Alistair Bastian. The lads have been swapping victory’s up in East Gippsland amongst each other however giving them curry has been David McKay and Shane Steenholdt. The current Victorian champion Dennis Jones straps in for the ride every now and then depending on other commitments and he too had a big win this season at Bairnsdale chasing Greenwood in one of the events until taking the chocolates in one of those events.

    Steve Horton from the Western Side of the West gate is a quick and has done well at Redline in the past as a F500 competitor, Redline today though is a whole different beast of a racetrack. Sam Wren born and bred from Ballarat is in for his first Chevrolet Alloy block LS state title and Shane Stevens from the south west lines up also. Mark Laity a former Victorian champion can never be discounted out of the equation and there we have a very handy line-up with others likely to figure in the finish.

    Tim Reidy and Dean Heseltine resume their Redline battles where in recent seasons they had been swapping wins and keeping a count against each other. This time though, we do not expect things to go entirely their way with Paul Sullivan, Trevor Thierry, Stephen Hopkins, Neale Peachey, and Keenan Casey just some of those that want to upset the script and are keen to show the lads the rear end of their race cars in the AMCA Nationals.

    A local field of Standard Saloon competitors includes Jeff Oldfield a strong performing Belmont member driver, Patrick Walsh who has been locking in podium results around the traps, Mark Seller, and Wendouree businessman Rick Stowe.

    Gates to the public open at 2pm, aiming for a 4.30pm race meeting start.

    Entry is Adults $25 & Pensioners $20 Kids 6 to the age of 16 $5 or a family $60 (2 adults & 4 Kids) fully catered venue, no BYO as per law.

    Contact for information 0418 399 917

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    Matt Nelson – Queensland 1
    Morris Ahearn – Mortlake 4
    Dean Jenkins – Redline 4
    Steven Watts – Warrnambool 5
    Leigh Gooding - Rosedale 11
    Shane Ardley – Laang 11
    Robert Smith – Ballarat 14
    Ricky Cornwall – Alexandra 15
    Scott Secombe – Redline 18
    Jason Duell – South Australia 18
    Ellen Vagg – Redline 21
    Jordan Ellifson – Portland 22
    Lee Harrison – Mortlake 22
    Dylan Wilkinson – South Australia 24
    Mitch Viney – Redline 24
    Jason Degoldi – Redline 27
    Greg Parks – Alexandra 36
    Chris Hay – Warrnambool 42
    Michael Clark – Ballarat 48
    Shaun Jenkins – Redline 49
    Zoey Salau – Swan Hill 52
    Aaron White – Ballarat 55
    Matt Glab – Redline 57
    Kevin Brogmus – Alexandra 58
    Dale Blomeley – Ballarat 61
    Jayden Blomeley – Ballarat 62
    Felicity Roycroft – Wangaratta 65
    Kayla Knox – Redline 68
    Daniel Carter – Redline 73
    Dave Chivers – Ballarat 79
    Chris Marina – NSW 81
    Shane Roycroft – Wangaratta 82
    David Barrie – Colac 83
    Nevano Cowan – Redline 82
    Tyler Barton – Alexandra 94
    Stephen Brook – Redline 99
    Terry Hammond – Tasmania 110

    Shane Steenholdt – 5
    Steven Horton - 8
    Darcy Micallef – 11
    David Dennison – 15
    Jack Van Bremen – 16
    Dennis Jones – 17
    Sam Wren - 19
    Michael Evans – 28
    Adam Greenwood - 35
    Steve McIntyre – 38
    Shane Stevens - 48
    Mark Laity – 53
    Alistair Bastian - 55
    Ethan Bastian - 64
    David McKay – 83
    Craig Tucker – 94
    Daniel Mayson – 96

    Trevor Thierry – Victoria 7
    Stephen Hopkins – Victoria 8
    Jimmy Harris – Victoria 12
    Hugene Charvat – Victoria 22
    Paul Sullivan – Victoria 28
    Darren Bloom – Victoria 36
    Neale Peachey – Victoria 51
    John Churchyett – Victoria 63
    Tim Reidy – Victoria 79
    Keenan Casey – Victoria 84
    Dean Heseltine – Victoria 93

    Mark Seller – Ballarat 9
    Priscilla Grech – Redline 17
    Jeff Oldfield – Redline 45
    Rob Tatterson – Rosedale 61
    Rick Stowe – Nyora 61
    Patrick Walsh – Ballarat 68
    Ian Walsh – Ballarat 86
    Jacob Head – Ballarat 95
    Luke King – Nyora 96

    Written by
    Dean Thompson
    DMT Sports Media
    for Belmont Speedway Drivers Club

    Sprintcars at Redline this weekend (C) Rock Solid Productions

    Matt Nelson the Queensland Champion for Street Stocks is entered (C) Rock Solid Productions

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