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  • Redline Raceway will kick off its race season after a twelve-month layoff due to Covid pandemic related lockdown and out the of season closure, and race drivers from all around Victoria are champing at the bit to come and race on Mount Buninyong, keen to spin their wheels at one of the most spectacular venues in Australia.

    Ballarat locals are understandably proud to have such a revered sporting venue in their neck of the woods and plenty has been happening during the layoff in racing to make the experience even better. Some significant works at the venue despite all that has been against sporting clubs functioning during these times has resulted in the club being able to provide a huge improvement to the spectator experience.

    Operating Club President Mick Purdie explains. “Our track maintenance team and some welcome business supporters SUCH AS Bitumill Landscapes have worked extremely hard as soon as Mount Buninyong became dry enough after Spring to elevate the parking area for our fans, so that anybody that wishes to stay in the warmth of their own cars to watch, can have the opportunity to do so if they are early enough at the venue to pick their own spots. Parking areas have been built up so that you may see over the cars and people in front of you depending on the vehicles you park behind.”

    Of course, this is not the only work that has gone on at the venue; however it has the most significant impact for the fans.

    Racing this Saturday is headlined by the annual Sports Sedan Masters the main event, with regular Redline racers up against a host of visiting drivers. Zac Swanson is a local from Ballarat to keep your eyes on whilst he will have stiff competition from Jake Drewett hailing from Mildura whose won at Redline before, Tristan McGraw a young star, Jamie Lock from Bendigo, Dale Smith who holds some records at the venue, Josh Service and Lee Beach who both have won on a regular basis in the Eastern side of Victoria plus Brooke Ferguson who knows how to win at Redline also.

    The Sports Sedans will be supported by the very entertaining Street Stocks including competitors such as Jason Degoldi Redline’s current Street Stock benchmark driver and Shaun Henry another from Ballarat that consistently runs at the front end of the field locally. Add in Dean Jenkins, Karen Ferguson, young Kasey Ferguson one of Karen’s two daughters racing the same night as herself, plus Scott Secombe another Redline racer to watch, and you have an entertaining Street Stock final later in the evening.

    Scott Whittle the Victorian champion leads a terrific field of entrants in the Standard Saloons, Matthew Domburg from Portland, Kacey Ingram of Nyora, Craig Templeton of Redline, Aaron Marshall from Swan Hill and add in Hanna Domburg and Courtney Meakins and there will be close and fast action at the pointy end of the line-up. The Victorian champion is always the one to beat and he would like to mark his territory early in the season with a win at Redline.

    In Junior Sedan racing the drivers are graded based on two years racing experience or more. In the Top Stars for the drivers with more experience Jayden Bryant has been on a terrific run with wins in Mildura twice, Nyora and Daylesford so far this season, He will have tough competition from Carter Metcalfe who was unlucky not to win in Mildura against Bryant, Linken Paterson who won at Avalon recently and Rhys Meakins and Dylan Barrow some of the stronger competitors in the field.

    The New Stars for developing race drivers could be won by a number of drivers. Arthur Hutchinson won at Daylesford a few weeks ago, Sharlotte McPherson won at Nyora a month ago, and Blake Glynn, Jacob Tinworth and Maddy Capon have all proven to be front of the field racers in recent meetings. Keep your eye on them.

    Gates to the public open at 2pm, aiming for a 5pm race meeting start.

    Entry is Adults $25 & Pensioners $20 Kids 6 to the age of 16 $5 or a family $60 (2 adults & 4 Kids) fully catered venue, no BYO as per law.

    Contact for information 0418 399 917

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    Corey Knox – Goulburn Valley 8
    Jake Drewett – Mildura 18
    Brooke Ferguson – Portland 18
    Zac Swanson – Ballarat 18
    Jayde Aarts – Nyora 25
    Ryan Daly – Daylesford 33
    Ian Bartlett – Daylesford 34
    Tristan McGraw – Corowa 38
    Jamie Lock – Bendigo 43
    Russell Smith – Alexandra 48
    Dale Smith – Alexandra 64
    Kayla Knox – Redline 68
    Josh Beattie – Goulburn Valley – 72
    Jasmin Molloy – Ballarat 72
    Katie Meyer – Ballarat 76
    Pauly Botheras – Daylesford 77
    Josh Service – Alexandra 84
    Lee Beach – Alexandra 88

    Dean Jenkins – Redline 4
    Karen Ferguson – Laang 11
    Michael Smith – Ballarat 13
    Robert Smith – Ballarat 14
    Scott Secombe – Redline 18
    Kasey Ferguson – Portland 18
    Shaun Henry – Redline 23
    Jamie Crutchley – Warrnambool 25
    Jason Degoldi – Redline 27
    Greg Parks – Alexandra 36
    Stephen Petrie – Hamilton 43
    Shaun Jenkins – Redline 49
    Jacque Whatmore – Ballarat 52
    Aaron White – Ballarat 55
    Kevin Brogmus – Alexandra 58
    Troy Blomeley – Ballarat 62
    Daniel Carter – Redline 73
    Melissa Crutchley – Warrnambool 77
    Tyler Barton – Alexandra 94

    Scott Whittle – Victoria 1
    Matthew Domburg – Portland 6
    Andrew Marshall – Swan Hill 7
    Nicole Vaughan – Portland 7
    Mark Seller – Ballarat 9
    Hanna or Paul Domburg – Portland 15
    Priscilla Grech – Redline 17
    Nathan Hutchins – Portland 24
    Craig Templeton – Redline 27
    Justin Crerar – Ballarat 29
    Bradley Hill – Nyora 36
    Kacey Ingram – Nyora 43
    Stephen Douglas – Nyora 44
    Jeff Oldfield – Redline 45
    Courtney Meakins – Alexandra 67
    Patrick Walsh – Ballarat 68
    James Pedersen – Mortlake 73
    Austin Chivers – Ballarat 78
    Lachie Chivers – Ballarat 79
    Aaron Marshall – Swan Hill 85
    Ian Walsh – Ballarat 86
    Jacob Head – Ballarat 95
    Luke King – Nyora 96
    Bobby Devine – Rosedale 97
    Rick Stowe – Ballarat 97

    Breanna Simpson – Alexandra 10
    Carter Metcalfe – Mildura 10
    Dylan Barrow – Alexandra 17
    Tenayah Barton – Nyora 19
    Luke Cornfoot – Alexandra 19
    Bailey Rumler – Ballarat 33
    River Paterson – Alexandra 47
    Linken Paterson – Alexandra 48
    Jayden Bryant – Alexandra 49
    Kiarna Barton – Nyora 51
    Jack Randall – Alexandra 41
    Shaqkira Blake – Ballarat 66
    Rhys Meakins – Alexandra 65
    Seth Sloane – Alexandra 93
    Tanner Barclay – Portland 95

    Matilda Farrell – Nyora 5
    Jacob Tinworth – Hamilton 7
    Blake Glynn – Avalon 8
    Jake Bradley – Avalon 14
    Tamika Simpson – Alexandra 23
    Will Shore – Mildura 25
    Tristan Jarred – Nyora 27
    Jasmin Bryant – Alexandra 29
    Tayla Whatmore – Ballarat 42
    Jemma Woods – Daylesford 45
    Brody Barton – Nyora 47
    Zammy Noseda – Simpson 52
    Christine Oliver – Alexandra 62
    James Oliver – Alexandra 63
    Maddy Capon – Alexandra 66
    Arthur Hutchinson – Daylesford 82
    Levi Blake – Ballarat 88
    Sharlotte McPherson – Alexandra 97

    Written by
    Dean Thompson
    DMT Sports Media
    For Belmont Speedway Drivers Club t/a Redline Raceway

    Dale Smith is a gun in Sports Sedans, watch him on Saturday night (C) Rock Solid Productions

    Jason Degoldi is our Star Street Stock racer, keep an eye on Jason (C) Dean Miller Photography

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