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  • This Saturday night two weeks after the first show of the season, Wangaratta City Raceway will deliver yet another big, big race event with not one, but three major feature events, all on a Carnival night show with activities and food around the venue to keep the young and the young at heart busy.

    On the back of a near packed facility at the first show of the season, a race night with features for the three biggest race classes in the North East of Victoria should lock in your plans for this weekend with plenty of action on track.

    The ‘Burson’s Wangaratta Stampede’ for Production Sedan has competitors from New South Wales, Victoria and Canberra all nominated to compete for $1000 to win, whilst the Goulburn Ovens Sedan Association ‘Jabek Transport Invitational’ should be a hard-fought race after the class Victorian title event due for Swan Hill last Saturday night was cancelled due to the state lockdown. Whilst Standard Saloons will compete in the ‘Country Concrete Showdown’ feature also and Grand Prix Midgets, Sports Sedans, and Junior Sedans complete a packed programme.

    In Production Sedan racing Raymond Ussher who won in Sports Sedans in the first show of the season, converts his car back to Production specifications and will try to go back-to-back with wins. It will not be easy however with former national champion and Wangaratta local Chris Lack and a pair of drivers both of whom have been national champion twice in the field, Trevor Mills from Corowa, and Stephen Laidlaw from Gippsland. Then add in half a dozen other drivers that could be in the final fight for victory, we dare not try to pick a winner.

    In Standard Saloons Brendon Eames who won the first final of the season a fortnight ago, has a target on his back now that he has chalked up a ‘W’. Michael Poole, Wayne Sheerman who looked the likely winner early last meeting, Trevor Evans in his Nissan Skyline Station Wagon and the visiting Blencowe team from West Gippsland of Jeff and Mitchell Blencowe are all terrific racers. Jeff Blencowe won some seriously big races in Gippsland last year at Nyora and Drouin and is sure to figure at the finish.

    In the Goulburn Ovens Sedan Association feature event, Ross Maclean from Corowa has been the dominant driver for a long time, it is hard to look past Maclean for the victory based on history. With Wangaratta members Nathan Shortis and Tom Barnard in the line-up plus Justin Brockley, Wayne O’Keefe, Chelsea Cornelius, and Jamie Atkin, they are the drivers that media feel might be in the mix come the final laps.

    The Grand Prix Midgets on Sunday thought they were racing at Rushworth; come Sunday night they were swapped over to Wangaratta just two weeks after their Victorian title. Chris Carr from Wangaratta will be looking for redemption after his title race was cut short by mechanical failure. The new Victorian champion Louis Rodriguez returns two weeks after winning his title at Wangaratta and so does Janelle Saville who was the darling of the show qualifying pole position for the title, she travels in from the Goulburn New South Wales area.

    The Sports Sedans, Junior Sedans and Ladies Sedans will also present terrific competition.

    Entry Fee to enjoy the racing is $25 per adult, $20 for Aged and Disabled Concession, $10 for Kids aged 6 through to 16, children under 6 free.

    The gates to the public open from Midday and racing begins from 5pm. Public enquiries can be made to 0402 820 489

    On site canteen and bar facilities and strictly no BYO

    Wangaratta Speedway Club wishes to acknowledge and thank their supporters including;
    Burson Auto Parts
    Country Concrete
    Edge FM
    Jabek Transport
    Kore Concreting
    Keam Fertiliser
    North East Fasteners
    Robinson Truck Repairs
    Rouse Transport
    Snap-On Albury
    Solimo Towing
    Thomo’s Cash 4 Scrap
    Ussher Plumbing and Concreting
    Wangaratta Spring Works

    Jamie Atkins – Leeton 12
    Wayne O’Keefe – Corowa 15/62
    Stuart Balins – Corowa 22
    Ross Maclean – Corowa 27
    Justin Brockley – Corowa 52
    Nathan Shortis – Wangaratta 55
    Tom Barnard – Wangaratta 69
    Steve McDonald – Leeton 72
    Chelsea Cornelius – Corowa 76
    Sid Davey – Corowa 94

    Andre Meunier – Rosedale 6
    Joel Copeland – Corowa 23
    Darren Shortis – Corowa 55
    Fleur Heiner – Mount Beauty 61
    Matthew Brooks – Wangaratta 65
    James Guppy – Wangaratta 66
    Jackson Barneveld – Alexandra 68
    Lachlan Cummins - Mount Beauty 69

    Marcus Maclean – Corowa 7
    Riley Balins – Corowa 21
    Michael Sayers – Mount Beauty 69

    Warrick Howie – Corowa 8
    Jeff Blencowe – Drouin 9
    Mitchell Blencowe – Drouin 10
    Adam Brezovnik – Corowa 13
    Brendon Eames – Corowa 16
    Keith Cattermole – Corowa 17
    Micheal Fleming – Robertson – Corowa 18
    Michael Poole – Corowa 41
    Brendan D’Amico – Wangaratta 66
    Trevor Evans – Wangaratta 67
    Wayne Sheerman – Alexandra 69
    Bianca Ballantyne – Wangaratta 89

    Doc Bailey – ACT 4
    Chris Lack – Wangaratta 4
    Scott Hawkins – Leeton 5
    Trevor Mills – Gilgandra 10
    Jamie Atkin – Leeton 12
    Chris Fitzgerald – Corowa 14
    Alex Cheney – Wagga 16
    Rodney Anderson – ACT 17
    Jack Bear – Corowa 19
    Stephen Laidlaw – Rosedale 30
    Craig McAlister – ACT 32
    Sean Alessi – ACT 37
    Johnny Ralph – Moruya – 49
    Justin Hawkins – Leeton 56
    Brendon Harper – Wangaratta 58
    Mat D’Annunzio – ACT 67
    Sean Rabbitte – ACT 71
    Raymond Ussher – Wangaratta 98

    Louis Rodriguez – Victoria 1/47
    Janelle Saville – NSW 2
    Chris Carr – Victoria 3
    Jack Ward – Victoria 4
    Mark Blackeby – Victoria 10
    Chris Fowler – Victoria 13
    Matt Kamolins – Victoria 22
    Tim Goss – Victoria 33
    David Bacon – NSW 36
    Shawn Ward – Victoria 44
    Ashley Booker – Victoria 50
    Travis Florrimell – Victoria 81
    Terry Brown – Victoria 88

    Written By
    Dean Thompson
    DMT Sports Media
    For Wangaratta Speedway Club
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