• On what was a post card perfect night for Racing after a very warm and sunny Warrnambool afternoon, it was Luke Weel who held off all comers in the Wingless Sprint Summer Slam Series A-Main, while new track records were set in the Speedcar 15 lap final and the Formula 500 six lap dash!

    Travis Mills was the dominant force in the Speedcars as he claimed the feature race win after the small but exciting field was inverted completely for the A-Main with Mills starting from the tail.

    The Formula 500’s saw Josh Buckingham claim the six lap record with a new race time of 1:17.264 as he set himself up to claim the 20 lap A-main a little later in the night.

    The 500’s raced without a caution for the evening highlighting the talent that was on display.

    With 12 heats of Wingless Sprint racing along with two B-Mains and the 25 lap A-Main there was plenty of racing on the program with an early 9.30pm finish welcomed by all.

    The quick results of the full program are as follows:

    Heat One 8 Laps: 1st V39 Nick Parker; 2nd V27 Dillon Ghent; 3rd V10 Travis Mills. (Time 2:01.964).

    Heat Two 8 Laps: 1st 10M Caleb Mills; 2nd V10 Travis Mills; 3rd V39 Nick Parker (No Time).

    Speedcar A-Main (15 laps No Time): 1st V10 Travis Mills; 2nd V39 Nick Parker; 3rd V27 Dillon Ghent; 4th V25 Matt Papa; 5th V55 Toby Smith; 6th 10M Caleb Mills (DNF) (Time 3:28.530 New 15 Lap Record).

    Wingless Sprints:

    Heat 1A 10 Laps: 1st VX14 Harry Ross; 2nd V33 Luke Storer; 3rd VX72 Marlin Carrigan-Walsh. (Time 2:28.078).

    Heat 1B 10 Laps: 1st VX71 Chris Heard; 2nd V67 Christopher Halesworth; 3rd V76 Kelvin Johnson. (Time 2.28.067).

    Heat 1C 10 Laps: 1st V81 Mitchell Bartlett; 2nd V4 Carly Walsh; 3rd V53 Samantha Millar. (No Time).

    Heat 1D 10 Laps: 1st V77 Alex Ross; 2nd VX50 Luke Weel; 3rd V98 Peter Logue. (No Time).

    Heat 1E 10 Laps: 1st S35 Mitchell Broome; 2nd V19 Sam Wren; 3rd V14 Glenn Watts. (No Time).

    Heat 1F 10 Laps: 1st V93 Travis Millar; 2nd VX46 Michael McDonald; 3rd V43 Daniel Storer. (2:38.109).

    Heat 2A 10 Laps: 1st S15 Hayden Vickers; 2nd S25 Ben Cartwright; 3rd VX72 Marlin Carrigan-Walsh (Time:2:25.561).

    Heat 2B 10 Laps: 1st V45 Bhoe Paterson; 2nd V54 Jeremy Beddison; 3rd S86 Kirby Hillyer (Time 2:28.859).

    Heat 2C 10 Laps: 1st VX50 Luke Weel; 2nd V72 Tyson Bartlett; 3rd S84 Jesse Alexander (Time 2:29.831).

    Heat 2D 10 Laps: 1st V98 Peter Logue; 2nd V77 Alex Ross; 3rd V60 Steven Hateley (No Time).

    Heat 2E 10 Laps: 1st S16 Joel Heinrich; 2nd V36 Ashley Cook; 3rd S35 Mitchell Broome (No Time).

    Heat 2F 10 Laps: 1st V93 Travis Millar; 2nd V33 Luke Storer; 3rd V66 Marc Evans (Time 2:34.914).

    B-Main 1 (6 to Transfer): 1st S86 Kirby Hillyer; 2nd V19 Sam Wren; 3rd V54 Jeremy Beddison; 4th VX89 Christopher Temby; 5th V43 Daniel Storer; 6th V66 Marc Evans; 7th VX34 Adin Robertson; 8th S84 Jesse Alexander; 9th VX62 Kasey Garlick; 10th VX25 Gary McCallum; 11th V51 Jordan Nicholas; 12th VX59 Kyle Mayson; 13th VX27 Bree Hall; 14th N90 Evan O’Bryan; 15th V26 Luke Schneider; 16th VX44 Glen Harris; 17th VX32 Chris Ansell; 18th VX41 Aaron Kennett; 19th V10 Will Scott; 20th VX95 Ben Poliansky (Time 2:50.794).

    B-Main 2 (6 to Transfer): 1st V14 Glenn Watts; 2nd V76 Kelvin Johnson; 3rd VX20 Thomas McDonald; 4th VX5 Luke McCutcheon; 5th V60 Steven Hateley; 6th S15 Hayden Vickers; 7th V53 Samantha Miller; 8th V95 Geoff Cook; 9th VX99 Hayden Clifford; 10th VX2 Robert Whiteside; 11th V52 Scott Irons; 12th S20 Harley Alexander; 13th VX79 Clint Baker; 14th S55 Sharni Pitcher; 15th VX43 Benjamin Kirby; 16th V34 Shaun Farnsworth; 17th V88 Renae Eastham (Time 2:58.079).

    A-Main (25 laps): 1st VX50 Luke Weel; 2nd V93 Travis Millar; 3rd VX14 Harry Ross; 4th S35 Mitchell Broome; 5th V77 Alex Ross; 6th S16 Joel Heinrich; 7th V67 Christopher Halesworth; 8th S86 Kirby Hillyer; 9th VX72 Marlin Carrigan-Walsh; 10th V36 Ashley Cook; 11th V19 Sam Wren; 12th V14 Glen Watts; 13th S25 Ben Cartwright; 14th VX46 Michael McDonald; 15th V45 Bhoe Paterson; 16th VX71 Chris Heard; 17th V4 Carly Walsh; 18th V72 Tyson Bartlett; 19th VX20 Thomas McDonald; 20th V81 Matt Barlett; 21st V76 Kelvin Johnson; 22nd V54 Jeremy Beddison; 23rd V33 Luke Storer; 24th V98 Peter Logue (No Time).

    Formula 500’s:

    Heat 1A: 1st V47 Tim Rankin; 2nd V9 Jordan Rae; 3rd V55 Terry Rankin. (Time 1:52.111)

    Heat 1B: 1st V49 Josh Buckingham; 2nd V46 Will Carroll; 3rd V2 Angus Hollis (Time 1:52.933).

    Heat 2A: 1st V55 Terry Rankin; 2nd V2 Angus Hollis; 3rd V9 Jordan Rae (Time 1:46.686).

    Heat 2B: 1st V48 Ryan O’Keefe; 2nd V49 Josh Buckingham; 3rd S44 Steph Munn (Time 1:49.394).

    Dash (6 Laps): 1. V49 Josh Buckingham; 2. V55 Terry Rankin; 3. V9 Jordan Rae; 4. V2 Angus Hollis; 5. V48 Ryan O’Keefe; 6. V47 Tim Rankin (Time 1:17.264 New 6 Lap Record).

    A-Main (20 Laps): 1. V49 Josh Buckingham; 2. V55 Terry Rankin; 3. V9 Jordan Rae; 4. V46 Will Carroll; 5. V47 Tim Rankin; 6. V2 Angus Hollis; 7. SA44 Steph Munn; 8. V6 Dylan Willsher; 9. V14 Jett Speed; 10. V17 Indy Rae; 11. V58 Max Owen; 12. V42 Jett Bell; 13. V12 Brendan McGinniskin; 14. V93 Alex Ryan; 15. V21 Lauren Bowen; 16. V96 Greg Dunmore (Time 4:32.602).

    The next meeting at Sungold Stadium, Premier Speedway, Warrnambool will be held on January 22 & 23, 2021 and will feature the South West Conveyancing Fifty for 50 Weekend for Sprintcars as supported by Super Rods and a Street Stock Invitational.

    Gates will open at 3.30pm with Racing to get underway at 5.30pm each night.
    Tickets are available on-line until midnight Thursday prior to the event with nightly tickets than available from 9am on Race Day.

    Please see www.premierspeedway.com.au for more information.

    End Release.
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