• Matt Jackson tonight claimed victory in the Beasley Family Memorial for Speedcars at Sungold Stadium when he was able to get by race long leader Nathan Smee after a stoppage with eight laps to run in the 25-lap decider.

    The stoppage came about after Troy Jenkins took a wild ride in turn one, leaving Smee as a sitting duck ahead of the hard charging Jackson who eventually led home Smee and third placed Mitch Whiting.

    An excellent 25 lap feature event also unfolded I the Grand Final of the Magnet Towing Wingless Sprint Series, with dense lap traffic playing its part as the leaders used every piece of Premier Speedway to find a way by.

    In the end it was Daniel Storer who showed his class to win from Luke Weel and current Aussie Champ Alex Ross.

    Having completed their Speedweek duties the night before the Formula 500’s were able to let their hair down and race hard and clean for the win, with JordMatt Jackson Woins Bealseyan Rae winning the 20 lap final from Tim Rankin and Dylan Willsher.

    The quick results of the full program are as follows:


    Heat One: 1st V39 David Parker; 2nd N89 Brayden Willmington; 3rd V23 Matt Jackson.

    Heat Two: 1st V71 Brett Milburn; 2nd N14 Nathan Smee; 3rd W26 Keena Fleming.

    Heat Three: 1st N14 Nathan Smee; 2nd N78 Troy Jenkins; 3rd V12 Justin McMinn.

    Heat Four: 1st V17 Mitch Whiting; 2nd N89 Braydan Willmington; 3rd V9 Matthew Balcombe.

    Top Eight Shoot-Out:

    Bronze: 1. N78 Troy Jenkins 12.940; 2. V23 Matt Jackson 13.101; 3. V12 Justin McMinn 13.282; 4. V17 Mitch Whiting 13.291.

    Silver: 1 N78 Troy Jenkins 13.049; 2. V23 Matt Jackson 13.130; 3. V71 Brett Milburn 13.234; 4. V39 David Parker 13.314.

    Gold: 1. N14 Nathan Smee 12.988; 2. V23 Matt Jackson 13.138; 3. N78 Troy Jenkins 13.162; 4. N89 Braydan Willmington.

    Speedcar A-Main (25 laps No Time): 1st V23 Matt Jackson; 2nd N14 Nathan Smee; 3rd V17 Mitch Whiting; 4th V12 Justin McMinn; 5th WA26 Keenan Fleming; 6th V71 Brett Milburn; 7th V21 Adam Wallis; 8th 71R Domain Ramsay; 9th N11 Jay Waugh; 10th V27 Dillon Ghent; 11th V26 Taylor Gore; 12th V72 Glen Shaw; 13th V55 Shane Smith; 14th V88 Craig Smith; 15th V30 Shaun Walsh; 16th V39 David Parker; 17th N78 Troy Jenkins; 18th N40 David Lambert; 19th N89 Brayan Willmington; 20th V9 Matt Balcombe.

    Wingless Sprints:

    Heat One: 1st V98 Peter Logue; 2nd V33 Luke Storer; 3rd V43 Daniel Storer. (New 12-Lap Record 2:47.012.)

    Heat Two: 1st V2 Travis Millar; 2nd VX26 Paul Newcombe; 3rd VX91 Ben Poliansky.

    Heat Three: 1st S35 Mitchell Broome; 2nd V23 Tim Van Ginneken; 3rd S23 Jack McCarthy.

    Heat Four: 1st VX14 Harry Ross; 2nd S86 Kirby Hiller; 3rd N45 Troy Carey.

    Heat Five: 1st V79 Clint McLaren; 2nd VX50 Luke Weel; 3rd V61 Marcus Green.

    Heat Six: 1st V32 Dayn Bentvelzen; 2nd V43 Daniel Storer; 3rd VX67 Brett Milburn.

    Heat Seven: 1st VX46 Michael McDonald; 2nd V4 Carly Walsh; 3rd S23 Jack McCarthy.

    Heat Eight: 1st V96 Glenn Watts; 2nd V67 Christopher Halesworth; 3rd S35 Mitchell Broome.

    Heat Nine: 1st VX50 Luke Weel; 2nd S86 Kirby Hillyer; 3rd NX16 Andrew Sayre.

    Heat Ten: 1st A1 Alex Ross; 2nd VX5 Luke McCutcheon; 3rd V77 Alex Thomson.

    C-Main: 2 to Transfer: 1st N4 Jason Davis; 2nd V85 Tom McKenna; 3rd VX44 Glen Harris; 4th VX15 Greg Bishop; 5th NT59 Jordy Smith; 6th NX41 Daniel Nikiforoff; 7th V10 Will Scott; 8th VX41 Aaron Kennett; 9th V56 Phillip Weller; 10th V62 Trevor Bullock.

    B-Main 1 (6 to Transfer): 1st V23 Tim Van Ginneken; 2nd V32 Dayn Bentvelzen; 3rd VX68 Wayne Milburn Jnr; 4th N45 Troy Carey; 5th VX97 Blake Walsh; 6th N97 Kyle Mock; 7th NX16 Andrew Sayre; 8th N58 Luke Sayre; 9th V6 Kasey Garlick; 10th VX35 Shaun Clapp; 11th V76 Kelvin Johnson; 12th VX25 Gary McCallum; 13th N4 Jason Davis; 14th NX39 Matthew Nikiforoff; 15th V66 Marc Evans; 16th V61 Marcus Green.

    B-Main 2 (6 to Transfer): 1st V98 Peter Logue; 2nd V67 Christopher Halesworth; 3rd VX5 Luke McCutcheon; 4th V4 Carly Walsh; 5th VX46 Michael McDonald; 6th VX64 Brett Pope; 7th V70 Aron Lawrence; 8th V45 Bhoe Paterson; 9th VX91 Ben Poliansky; 10th V81 Matt Bartlett; 11th V51 Jordan Nicholas; 12th V16 Wayne Logue; 13th V52 Scott Irons; 14th V85 Tom McKenna; 15th V64 Brittany Kuypers; 16th V91 Bianca Klemm; 17th V34 Shaun Farnsworth.

    A-Main (25 laps): 1st V43 Daniel Storer; 2nd VX50 Luke Weel; 3rd V14 Alex Ross; 4th VX67 Brett Milburn; 5th S35 Mitchell Broome; 6th S86 Kirby Hillyer; 7th V2 Travis Millar; 8th V95 Glenn Watts; 9th V23 Tim Van Ginneken; 10th V67 Christopher Halesworth; 11th VX14 Harry Ross; 12th V79 Clint McLaren; 13th S23 Jack McCarthy; 14th VX46 Michael McDonald; 15th VX5 Luke McCutcheon; 16th V32 Dayn Bentvelzen; 17th N97 Kyle Mock; 18th N45 Troy Carey; 19th V98 Peter Logue; 20th V4 Carly Walsh; 21st V77 Alex Thomson; 22nd VX64 Brett Pope; 23rd VX97 Blake Walsh; 24th VX68 Wayne Milburn Jnr.

    Formula 500’s:

    Qualifying One: 1. V25 Dylan Willsher 13.690; 2. V9 Jordan Rae 13.874; 3. T35 Dean Ellston 13.888; 4. T71 Dylan Beveridge 13.895; 5. NQ93 Lexi Underwood 13.986; 6. N9 Nathan Pryor 14.031 ; 7. V8 Michael Van Ginneken 14.112; 8. V3 Rob Rankin 14.142; 9. NQ55 Josh Pakarier 14.198; 10. V16 Michael Pearson 14.365; 11. V29 Darcy Giblin; 12. NT88 Angus Campbell 14.568; 13. V32 Matthew Turner No Time; 14. V32 Matthew Turner 14.275; 15. V41 Ash Clements No Time.

    Qualifying Two: 1. Q53 Kaydon Iverson 13.556; 2. V47 Tim Rankin 13.617; 3. V19 Brock Rae 13.801; 4. NQ95 Tessa Underwood; 5. V31 Chris Bellman 13.861; 6. WA7 Ryan Higgs 13.909; 7. V55 Terry Rankin 13.958; 8. V35 Jess Ellston 14.003; 9. V2 Angus Hollis 14.019; 10. NQ39 Brodie Davis 14.136; 11. V38 Jarrod Woolstencroft 14.273; 12. NT14 Scott Leonhardt 14.367.

    Heat One: 1st NQ55 Josh Pokarier; 2nd NQ93 Lexi Underwood; 3rd V9 Jordan Rae.

    Heat Two: 1st V2 Angus Hollis; 2nd V55 Terry Rankin; 3rd V47 Tim Rankin.

    A-Main (20 Laps): 1. V9 Jordan Rae; 2. V47 Tim Rankin; 3. V25 Dylan Willsher; 4. V55 Terry Rankin; 5. Q53 Kaydon Iverson; 6. V2 Angus Hollis; 7. NQ93 Lexi Underwood; 8. V31 Chris Bellman; 9. NQ55 Josh Pokarier; 10. V8 Michael Van Ginneken; 11. N9 Nathan Pryor; 12. NQ95 Tessa Underwood; 13. T71 Dylan Beveridge; 14. NQ39 Brodie Davis; 15. V19 Brock Rae; 16. WA7 Ryan Higgs; 17. V32 Mathew Turner; 18. V38 Jarrod Woolstencroft; 19. V29 Darcy Giblin; 20. NT88 Angus Campbell; 21. V16 Michael Pearson; 22. T35 Dean Ellston; 23. V35 Jesse Ellston.

    The next meeting at Sungold Stadium, Premier Speedway, Warrnambool will be held on January 24, 25 & 26, 2020 and will feature the South West Conveyancing Grand Annual Sprintcar Classic.

    Gates will open at 2pm with Racing to get underway at 5pm.
    Tickets are available on-line until midnight Thursday prior to the event with nightly tickets than available from 9am on Race Day.

    Please see www.premierspeedway.com.au for more information.
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