• The Victorian Mini Sprint Club finished up their three round ‘Hurricane Automotive Products’ Wild West Shootout held at Redline Raceway this season with a final round victory to Darren Schnoor whilst Victorian champion Brad Lowe ran out the overall winner of the series in his last ever Mini Sprint race meeting.

    Doubling up as the Redline track championship there was an extra prize up for grabs for competitors however Lowe, Owen Schnoor and Jason Lynn needed to keep focus on the Wild West Shootout overall results and race strategically to secure points and finish races.

    Starting from the prime position of pole, Andrew Burleigh (# 17 - Ultimate Awards ) converted the position into a win and a great start to his nights racing in tricky conditions as the track was yet to settle in after some drizzles close to start time.

    Lynn got the best start of the night out of the three vying for the Wild West Shootout overall finishing second with Darren Schnoor, Peter Schnoor (# 33 – Quality Transport Refrigeration Services), Ally Moore, Lowe and Lynn whilst Owen Schnoor didn’t finish really putting him behind the eight ball early when he spun out to avoid Jason Lynn who had tagged the concrete wall and shot to the bottom of the track in front of Schnoor.

    Another pole position conversion to victory in the second heat occurred, this time to Lowe who began with Owen Schnoor (# 4 - Tritech Lubricants) alongside. Burleigh was proving he had the set up to suit the track moving from fifth to second during the race before the chequered flag dropped and Lowe, Burleigh, Own Schnoor, Peter Schnoor, Lynn, Darren Schnoor and Moore crossed the finish line.

    In the final heat of the night Owen Schnoor from the second row was the first driver not to win from pole position as he led Burleigh, Lowe, Darren Schnoor, Peter Schnoor, Lynn and Moore to the line.

    For the ‘Hurricane Automotive Products’ Wild West Shootout, the placings were still to be finalised coming into the feature race. The competition also had to contend with the back to front reversal in the feature for the top qualifiers to start at the rear of the field.

    With Owen Schnoor, Andrew Burleigh and Brad Lowe (# 1 – Geelong Transport Repairs) starting at the back, they had to work through Moore, Darren Schnoor, Jason Lynn and Peter Schnoor to get to the front if they wanted to go out with a win.

    Darren Schnoor from the front of the field made the most of field reversal and jumped out to a lead. Lowe started to move forward getting past Lynn. Peter Schnoor was driving strongly in second spot and Burleigh got past Lynn.

    Darren Schnoor (# 6 - Wonthaggi Motorcycles) out front looked in control and had a large gap between he and second. Owen Schnoor moved to fifth and Darren Schnoor continued out in the lead and on to victory with Peter Schnoor second then Lowe, Burleigh, Owen Schnoor and Lynn the finishers. Moore lost an oil filter and the engine seized and she didn’t finish.

    Darren Schnoor was proud standing on the top spot of the dais after winning the Redline Track Championship for Mini Sprints. Lowe came out on top of the Wild West Shootout with Owen Schnoor finishing second and Lynn in third placed.

    Lowe in his last event for the Mini Sprints praised his club for their mateship and dedication to the class and wished them the best, he thanked Redline for the memories he has personally had at the venue and the supporters of the Wild West Shootout and his racing.

    The Victorian Mini Sprints Club thank their supporters:
    Tritech Lubricants
    Hurricane Automotive Products

    Written by
    Dean Thompson
    DMT Sports Media
    For Victorian Mini Sprint Association

    Darren Schnoor won the final round of the Wild West Shootout (C) GNR Photography

    Brad Lowe won the Wild West Shootout overall (C) GNR Photography

    Top three in Wild West Shootout L to R: Lynn, Lowe, Owen Schnoor (C) GNR Photography

    Sponsor: Hurricane Automotive Products

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