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  • This Saturday evening from 5pm at Bairnsdale Speedway, three prestigious events headline the show with a line-up that includes over seventy-five race drivers including two current Victorian champions Jock Baker in Limited Sportsman and Shannon Meakins in SDAV Hot Rods. The King of the Rock for Limited Sportsman heads the programme, an event more than thirty years old along with the SDAV Hot Rods Legends Cup and the Wingless Sprints annual 50 Lapper.

    Local Bairnsdale Limited Sportsman competitors have worked behind the scenes to ensure a strong field in the King of the Rock. Prizes on offer on the night for the racers and inducements for travel and prize money nave resulted in some of the best from the west heading east to compete. Jock Baker from Horsham and Andrew Wilson from the Hamilton Club lead Troy Curren and Katelyn Worthy across the state into battle against the local Bairnsdale racers including Mark Noonan who steps in from Sprintcar racing duties, Trent Wilson, David Dennison another Sprintcar racing stepping into the Sportsman, Mark Both, Matthew Hurley, Chris Woetjes and Tim McKenzie.

    The Legends Cup for SDAV Hot Rods honours the class champions and super volunteers right throughout the class history. Winning the race brings great satisfaction to those that seal the deal. Victorian Champion Shannon Meakins, former champion Stan Marco Snr and Phil Jenkins and Dean West also former state champions give the line-up class. The 350ci engines are a fan favourite in bodies that represent a modified Ford 34’. These machines will sing loud through the valley.

    Wingless Sprints action could almost be a New South Wales vs Victoria grudge match with the number of visitors from north of the border nominated. Several class names are nominated from both sides of the border and Graham Keats, Mark Blyton, Andrew Seery, Peter Granger and Andrew Smith to name a few. These New South Welshmen and their Lady racers will be up against the likes of Daryl Logue, Matt Mills, Wayne Logue, Samantha Millar, Todd Hobson, Chris Temby, and Peter Logue all stars of the class in Victoria. Fifty laps is a long way, A lot of stamina required to get to the end and a finish is a terrific achievement, a win however, is something to be super proud of the rest of your career.

    There will also be two mini features for the local Standard Saloon class with the Men’s Standard Saloon field including some extremely fast cars up against local competition. Last start winner Andrew Cormack will be deep into the accelerator this weekend to hold out the likes of Jacob Vuillermin, Shane Stewart, Bradley Hill, Rhys Lansdown and of course Bairnsdale’s club champion Josh Thomas.

    The Ladies Standard Saloons have attracted a small local field.

    To tick all the governmental requirements and get this event off the ground the Bairnsdale Speedway Association ask that patrons follow the protocols in place such as bring a Mobile Phone so you can scan a QR code and sign in your carload as attending. Citizens with any of the Covid Symptoms are asked to stay home. Everybody is asked to bring a mask and wear it when social distancing cannot be maintained, that includes interacting with others in the crowd or queuing at the Canteen. We ask that you limit your movement around the venue once seated in a viewing spot to mitigate any potential risk. Replacement masks will be available on sale at the Speedway.

    Gates will open to the public from 1pm with racing from 5.30pm. Tickets from the entry gate in cash only, no card facility available. Adult entry is $20 a head whilst aged pensioners only is at $15. Children aged between 12 and 16 enter at $8 each and all children under the age of 12 enter free.

    Bairnsdale Speedway Association wish to thank all their valued supporters;
    A1 Septic Tanks
    A1 Trailers
    A1 Yard Maintenance
    Assist A Lift Bairnsdale
    Bairnsdale Automotive & Transmissions
    Bairnsdale RSL
    Bairnsdale Scrap Metal
    Bakers Delight
    Boost 2 Drive
    Bridgestone Bairnsdale Riviera Tyre Service
    Bristol Paint
    Buchan Towing
    Craig Riseley Plumbing
    Curtis Engineering
    Dennison Quality Roofing
    East Gippsland Hire
    Eastern Signs
    Egee Printers
    East Gippsland Locks & Keys
    EZ Print
    Farm Fodder Direct
    Gillicks Busline
    Granite Rock Quarries
    Great Southern Kitchens
    Jarvis Norwood
    JBI Concreting
    M & S Laity Hay Contractors
    Mitchell Valley Excavations
    Napier Photography
    Phase Link Electrics
    RCI Services
    Riviera Concrete
    SS Auto Wholesalers
    SSM Asbestos
    Swan Plumbing
    Tambo Waste
    Tim Bull MP – Member for Gippsland East
    TRFM & Gold 1242
    Wayne Trinder Plumbing & Gas fitting
    Westpoint Motors
    W.G.I Earthmoving & Heavy Haulage

    Jock Baker – Victoria 1/ Horsham
    Andrew Wilson – Victoria 2 /Hamilton
    Trent Wilson – Bairnsdale 10
    Mark Noonan – Hamilton 13
    Matthew Hurley – Bairnsdale 14
    David Dennison – Bairnsdale 15
    Mark Both – Bairnsdale 18
    Katelyn Worthy – Hamilton 38
    Chris Woetjes – Bairnsdale 54
    Troy Curran – Horsham 77
    Tim McKenzie – Bairnsdale 93

    Shannon Meakins – Victoria 1
    Phil Jenkins – 3
    Dean West – 4
    Stan Marco Snr – 5
    Tom Marco – 6
    Neil Sixtus – 8
    Daniel Mills – 9
    Stan Marco Jnr – 11
    Chris Wilkes – 13
    Kali Hovey – 22
    Russell Hovey – 25

    Jacob Vuillermin – Victoria 3 / Rosedale
    Shane Stewart - Rosedale 6
    Troy Cormack – Rosedale 7
    Craig Smith – Moe 10
    Andrew Cormack – Bairnsdale 12
    Ashley/Josh Cormack – Bairnsdale 13
    Craig Cormack – Bairnsdale 14
    Aaron Cormack – Bairnsdale 19
    Michael Cormack – Bairnsdale 23
    Aaron Laidlaw – Bairnsdale 23
    Josh Thomas – Bairnsdale 25
    Shannon Overton – Bairnsdale 36
    Bradley Hill – Nyora 36
    Russell Stuchbery – Bairnsdale 42
    Steven Dadswell – Bairnsdale 47
    Rhys Lansdown – Nyora 47
    Stephen Overton – Bairnsdale 51
    Shaun Cormack – Bairnsdale 62
    Nigel Frew – Bairnsdale 76
    Clinton Geer – Bairnsdale 80
    Bradley Dickson – Nyora 84
    Luke King – Nyora 96
    Bobby Devine – Rosedale 97

    Heather McKean – Bairnsdale 12
    Lisa McInnes – Bairnsdale 13
    Jemima Borkowski – Drouin 13
    Sharlene Laidlaw – Rosedale 23
    Kate Stuchbery – Bairnsdale 78
    Jodie Donelly – Bairnsdale 92

    Graham Keats – NX 2
    Mark Blyton – NSW 5
    Daryl Logue – VX 6
    Andrew Seery – NX9
    Matt Mills – VX 12
    Wayne Logue – Vic 16
    Kaila Blayney – NX 25
    Jeremy Pearson – VX 40
    Aaron Kennett – VX 41
    Robert Johnson – Vic 42
    Samantha Millar – Vic 53
    Kyle Mayson – VX 59
    Peter Granger – NSW 61
    Kasey Garlick – VX 62
    Brett Pope – VX 64
    Bailey Goodwin – NSW 75
    Kelvin Johnson – Vic 76
    Andrew Smith – NSW 81
    Todd Hobson – Vic 83
    Dillon Siely – Vic 87
    Christopher Temby – VX 89
    Ben Hodge – Vic 89
    Jacqui Salmon – NSW 89
    Peter Logue – Vic 98

    Written by
    Dean Thompson
    DMT Sports Media
    For Bairnsdale Speedway Association

    Local Limited Sportsman racer Mark Both (C) Napier Photography

    Todd Hobson is a Wingless Sprintcar race fave (C) Napier Photography

    Chris Temby will be hoping to secure a Wingless Sprint victory (C) Napier Photography

    Stan Marco Snr is chasing a SDAV Hot Rod Legends Cup Win (C) Napier Photography

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