• This Saturday night at Sungold Stadium, Premier Speedway, Warrnambool will see healthy car counts across three divisions for what promises to be a big night of Speedway action.

    The SRA of Victoria’s Triple Crown Series, which doubles as Round 4 of the C&H Trucking Sprintcars Limited Series headlines the program which will also include the Super Rod Cup as well as a big field of Wingless Sprints for what is the second night of scheduled racing at Premier Speedway for season 2021-22.

    Public gates will open at 4pm with the earlier than usual start time for Engine Starts of 4.30pm to be implemented to accommodate the large number of entries and extended racing program.

    Tickets can be found at www.premierspeedway.com.au or can be purchased at the gate from 4pm on race day.

    The full of Nominations for this Saturday are as follows:

    Sprintcars (28):

    V2 Domain Ramsay
    VA8 Steven Horton
    S11 Scott Enderl
    V10 Steven Loader
    VA11 Phil Micallef
    VA16 Jack Van Bremen
    VA18 Mitchell Sutej
    V19 Sam Wren
    VA21 Alex Thomson
    V21 Ben Micallef
    VA23 Steve McIntyre
    V24 Ken Baynes
    V29 Michael Tancredi
    VA31 Graham Payne
    N36 Eddie Lumbar
    VA37 Darryl Atkinson
    V39 Brett Smith
    V44 Tim Van Ginneken
    VA49 Shaun Lyness
    V50 Jesse Nicholas
    VA59 Kyle Mayson
    Q60 Dan Moes
    V60 Jordyn Charge
    VA71 Andy Hibbert
    V75 Mitchell Smith
    V77 Brayden Parr
    VA83 David McKay
    V92 Matthew Reed

    Super Rod Cup (16):

    W8 Jamie May
    M14 Luke Cole
    W25 Michael Coad
    S48 Jason Poustie
    W55 Jason Kavenagh
    L56 Neville Gange
    W57 Daniel Hookway
    S66 George Woolstencroft
    AV67 Tommy Marco
    AV75 Stan Marco Snr
    AV77 Stan Marco Jnr
    AV83 Jacob Pitcher
    W84 Paul Verhoeven
    W88 Grant Stansfield
    S95 David Duynhoven
    S97 Shaun Walsh

    Wingless Sprints (56):

    V2 Todd Hobson
    V3 John Rotheram
    V4 Carly Walsh
    VX4 Jaidyn Job
    VX7 Will Green
    V9 Brayden Whiting
    V10 Will Scott
    V11 Matthew Symons
    V14 Ricky Bailey
    VX14 Harry Ross
    V16 Wayne Logue
    V19 James Wren
    V20 Thomas McDonald
    V22 Craig McDonald
    V31 Mick Rigby
    VX31 Mark Hutchins
    VX32 Chris Ansell
    V34 Shaun Farnsworth
    VX34 Adin Robertson
    S35 Mitchell Broome
    V39 Tyson Benson
    VX40 Jeremy Pearson
    VX41 Aaron Kennett
    VX44 Glen Harris
    VX45 Kerry Bright
    V49 Jake Dooley
    VX50 Luke Weel
    V51 Jordan Nicholas
    V52 Scott Irons
    V54 Jeremy Beddison
    VX55 Jordy Smith
    VX58 Jake Warren
    V60 Steven Hateley
    VX62 Kasey Garlick
    V64 Brittany Kuypers
    VX65 Tyler O'Leary
    V67 Christopher Halesworth
    VX68 Kim-Loong Gosling
    V69 Brian Briton
    V70 Aron Lawrence
    VX70 Jake Byron
    V71 Leigh Estlick
    V73 Gavin Fitzpatrick
    V76 Kelvin Johnson
    V77 Alex Ross
    V79 Clint McLaren
    S81 Kahn Aston
    S86 Kirby Hillier
    VX88 Ester Thomson
    VX89 Christopher Temby
    V91 Bianca Klemm
    V92 Ray Klemm
    VX92 Brayden McKay
    V95 Geoff Cook
    VX97 Mark Walsh
    VX99 Hayden Clifford

    End Release.
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