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  • This Saturday night at Bairnsdale Speedway is a show you must see, so get in the line-up early to guarantee a spot, then sit back and enjoy the Victorian Title for the Unlimited Sedan race category, a feature event for Sprintcars and the local Limited Sportsman class along with a long list of Latrobe Valley and East Gippsland drivers in Standard Saloons and Division 2 Hot Rods, for a top night’s entertainment.

    The Unlimited Sedan Victorian title has attracted a mix of eight cylinder and six-cylinder light weight race sedans built around a purpose-built chassis. Back-to-back Victorian champion and winner at the most recent Unlimited Sedan race at Bairnsdale Warrick Taylor, leads the nominations which includes Lennie Bonnici the current number two driver, Trent Susol who is quickly gathering speed, Peter Cox, Darren Nelson, Daryl Nicolson, and East Gippslander Johnny Young who is from Sale.

    Taylor followed up his win at Bairnsdale three weeks ago with another at Wangaratta last week and is focussed on a rare Victorian title triple if he wins the big race on Saturday night after securing the previous two title wins. Bonnici is keen to get his hands on the coveted title trophy as to compliment his four trophies for winner the annual 100 Lap Derby in Alexandra. Observation from the sports media suggests that it is going to take a heck of a lot of unexpected variables to occur to stop Taylor; however the great thing about motorsport is we always expect the unexpected.

    In Sprintcar racing, a huge feature race has been supported by local businesses A1 Trailers & A1 Solar and Electrical for the class, the event to be called the A1 Cup. Latrobe Valley racer and state champion Dennis Jones is leading the entrants with a class field set to fly. Bairnsdale racer Shane Steenholdt who won the first event of the season for Sprintcars will be back to attempt to double up, whilst Adam Greenwood, Mark Noonan, and Alistair Bastian also all from Bairnsdale are keen to defeat the big two. Justin Barton a winner at Bairnsdale last season comes up from the Melbourne Suburbs as does David McKay, both with claims on a victory result.

    Limited Sportsman entries include local Bairnsdale members including Trent Wilson, Tim McKenzie, Matthew Hurley and Mark Both. McKenzie finished fourth in the last event at Bairnsdale for Limited Sportsman, the first local driver to finish with several Western Victorian drivers from Horsham and Hamilton in the field whilst Trent Wilson is hoping for a mechanically perfect weekend after barely turning a lap three weeks ago.

    The Standard Saloon class had a Covid cancellation last week and had large numbers ready to compete at both Rosedale in the Valley and Nyora in South Gippsland, drivers in the class will be keen to make up for missing out with nominations for this Saturday.

    The Bairnsdale association have a huge contingent of racers in the class with club champion Joshua Thomas always a favourite competing against Andrew Cormack, Ashley Cormack, Arron Cormack, Craig Cormack, Shaun Cormack, Michael Cormack, Peter Cormack, Nigel Frew, Clinton Geer and Steven Dadswell amongst others just from Bairnsdale. Then the visiting racers from further down the road that including the Stewart brothers Shane our last winner and Daniel and the Vuillermin brothers Jacob and Patrick, and add in Steven Danks, five very good drivers.

    Division 2 Hot Rod racing has been popular for many seasons in the East and the class is amid a new growth spurt. A dozen cars are expected to nominate for Saturday night with drivers such as Mel Tatterson and her father Rob nominated, Daniel Angus, Ricky Low in his last race for now with the car sold and finding a new home and Troy Hutchison and Kane Gibson also in for a steer this weekend.

    Gates will open to the public from 1pm with racing from 5.30pm. Tickets can be brought online or in cash only from the entry, no card facility available. Adult entry is $20 a head whilst aged pensioners are $15 only Children aged between 12 and 16 enter at $8 each and all children under the age of 12 enter free.

    Bairnsdale Speedway Association wishes to thank all their valued supporters;
    A1 Septic Tanks
    A1 Trailers
    A1 Yard Maintenance
    Assist A Lift Bairnsdale
    ABR 4x4 Bairnsdale
    Bairnsdale Automotive & Transmissions
    Bairnsdale RSL
    Bairnsdale Scrap Metal
    Bakers Delight
    Boost 2 Drive
    Bridgestone Bairnsdale Riviera Tyre Service
    Bristol Paint
    Buchan Towing
    Carpet World
    Cheap Tyres Morwell
    Clifton Mobile Homes
    Craig Riseley Plumbing
    Curtis Engineering
    Dennison Quality Roofing
    East Gippsland Hire
    Eastern Signs
    Egee Printers
    East Gippsland Locks & Keys
    EZ Print
    Farm Fodder Direct
    Gen-Sol Power Australia
    Gillicks Busline
    Granite Rock Quarries
    Great Southern Kitchens
    Jarvis Norwood
    JBI Concreting
    M & S Laity Hay Contractors
    Mitchell Valley Excavations
    Patties Foods
    Napier Photography
    Phase Link Electrics
    RCI Services
    Riviera Concrete
    SS Auto Wholesalers
    SSM Asbestos
    Swan Plumbing
    Tambo Waste
    Tim Bull MP – Member for Gippsland East
    TRFM & Gold 1242
    Wayne Trinder Plumbing & Gas fitting
    Westpoint Motors
    W.G.I Earthmoving & Heavy Haulage

    This week’s Nominations;
    Warrick Taylor – Victoria 1/Nyora 43
    Bob Price – Nyora 7
    Trent Susol – Redline 7
    Darren Nelson – Drouin 8
    Frank Ramsdale – Nyora 9
    Daryl Nicolson – Drouin 22
    Stan Brown – Drouin 23
    Johnny Young – Rosedale 25
    Lennie Bonnici – Nagambie 33
    Wayne Eames – Corowa 51
    Peter Cox – Nagambie 62
    Joshua Cormack – Rosedale 82
    Anthony McKean – Rosedale 83
    Daniel Unternahrer – Alexandra 86
    Travis Ramsdale – Nyora 99

    Shane Steenholdt - 5
    Steve Horton - 8
    Phil Micallef - 11
    David Dennison - 15
    Jack Van Bremen - 16
    Dennis Jones - 17
    Anthony Snow - 24
    Koby Noonan - 26
    Michael Evans - 28
    Adam Greenwood - 35
    Steve McIntyre - 38
    Mark Noonan - 42
    Jeremy Kupsch - 47
    Shane Stevens - 48
    Mark Laity - 53
    Alistair Bastian - 55
    Ethan Bastian - 64
    Jordan Abbott - 74
    David McKay - 83
    Justin Barton - 86
    Dillon Siely – 87
    Trent Nielson - 88
    Andrew Nielson - 90
    Craig Tucker - 94
    Danny Mayson - 96

    Daniel Angus – Victoria 3/Nyora
    Ricky Low – Moe 5
    Jason Seymour – Moe 10
    Rob Tatterson – Moe 11
    Leigh Mitchell – Rosedale 14
    TBC – Moe 18
    Mel Tatterson – Moe 21
    Mario Angus – Rosedale 22
    Dave Kerrison – Rosedale 27
    Robbie Edwards – Nyora 55
    Troy Hutchison – Rosedale 74
    Leigh Burkett – Rosedale 81
    Brett Ciantar – Bairnsdale 83

    Trent Wilson – Bairnsdale 10
    Matthew Hurley – Bairnsdale 14
    Paul Hadden – Bairnsdale 15
    Mark Both – Bairnsdale 18
    Tony Carpenter – Bairnsdale 32
    Tim McKenzie – Bairnsdale 93

    Jacob Vuillermin – Victoria 3/Rosedale 59
    Shane Stewart – Rosedale 6
    Daniel Stewart – Rosedale 8
    Andrew Cormack – Bairnsdale 12
    Ashley Cormack – Bairnsdale 13
    Craig Cormack – Bairnsdale 14
    Arron Cormack – Bairnsdale 19
    Michael Cormack – Bairnsdale 23
    Josh Thomas – Bairnsdale 25
    Nicholas Harnett – Rosedale 29
    Andy Evans – Rosedale 31
    Shannon Overton – Bairnsdale 36
    Russell Stuchbery – Bairnsdale 42
    Steven Dadswell – Bairnsdale 47
    Stephen Overton – Bairnsdale 51
    Shaun Cormack – Bairnsdale 62
    Peter Cormack – Bairnsdale 71
    Nigel Frew – Bairnsdale 76
    Kate Stuchbery – Bairnsdale 78
    Jamie Angus – Nyora 79
    Clinton Geer – Bairnsdale 80
    Bradley Dickson – Nyora 84
    Patrick Vuillermin – Rosedale 88
    Steven Danks – Rosedale 96
    Bobby Devine – Rosedale 97

    Written by
    Dean Thompson
    DMT Sports Media
    For Bairnsdale Speedway Association

    Unlimited Sedan contender Trent Susol will be at Bairnsdale (C) Napier Photography

    Michael Evans from Bairnsdale will be racing in Sprintcars t(C) Napier Photography

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