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  • March 27, 2020

    Despite the premature conclusion to the Australian Speedway calendar, the Gold Coast’s Lockie McHugh has still summarised the season as his “best yet.”

    Highlighted by his recent win at the South Australian Sprintcar title in the Whyalla Earthworks #52 Cool, McHugh rated his shortened 2019-20 schedule as a steep but necessary learning curve in his racing career.

    “There were some really tough nights in there, not just at the track, but on the road too, and even though things didn’t work out like we planned with World Series, I’m still really proud of what we achieved with J&S Drilling, getting three Hard Charger awards and grabbing Quicktime at the Australian Open and then going on to top qualify. It’s a shame that it got rained out because I think we were really in with a good chance that night.”

    “We actually had better results last season, but at this stage of my career, it’s more about what I’m learning about the overall business of racing and that’s why I rate it as our best year. But we really started to get some momentum at the end of the season with the SA Title and a win in Brisbane and a few podiums too, so we are definitely on the right track.”

    McHugh was quick to throw the accolades in the direction of his personal sponsors however, especially in light of the current economic climate.

    “Our family team sponsors have been amazing this year. It’s always been about a relationship more than them just writing a cheque for our racing, but this year they really had our back and we are very grateful. I’m hoping that in these uncertain times that the speedway community really supports our partners because they are responsible for keeping us in racing, and we want to make sure in return that we keep them in business.”

    “We also have some awesome crew who have been with me for a while now, Brooke Topp, Paul Broughton, Mike and Lauren Sedl, Brian Hicks, Bud Balzer and Ashleigh Round have all given us a hand this year and of course I couldn’t do any of this without the help of Mum and Dad. “

    Looking ahead to the 2020-21 season, McHugh was buoyant about the future and anticipating more travel outside of his home state to further hone his racing craft. Stay tuned to the McHugh Motorsport social media outlets for updates.

    McHugh Motorsport proudly supported by:
    Sedl Earthmoving
    Right Price Auto Parts
    IWS Haulage - Independent Wholesale Sands
    VCV Brisbane
    Dondex Sheds Garages & Carports
    Global Lubricant Distributors
    Southside Truck Centre- Lismore/Coffs Harbour
    DNA Custom Paints
    GSR Suspension Developments
    MiamiSmash Repairs
    Inglis Racing Engines
    Bolt Pro
    PWR Performance Products
    Revolution Racegear
    ??: Richard Hathaway Photography
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