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  • A great night of racing at Sungold Stadium, Premier Speedway, Warrnambool was held on Saturday March 14, with James McFadden surviving a broken front left shock and a late charge from Darren Mollenoyux (2nd) and Grant Anderson (3rd) to claim yet another feature race win at Sungold Stadium this season.

    Jamie Veal, having made his way from the C-Main finished fourth while Jacob Smith produced a fine drive to finish fifth on a racy Premier Speedway track.

    In the Street Stocks Mark Jennings recorded a win and third place from his two heat races before claiming the A-Main from Mick Clark and Steven Watts as the Street Stocks provided some quality racing during the night.

    Quick Results:

    Time Trials:

    Group One: VA29 Terry Rankin 10.621, W17 James McFadden 10.632, V70 John Vogels 10.717, VA88 Grant Stansfield 10.765, V95 Ryan Davis 10.838, V9 Rod Matthews 11.013, VA12 Mark Carlin 11.061, V57 Troy Hose 11.107, V28 Andrew Hughes 11.132, V83 Chris Solomon 11.197.

    Group Two: V25 Jack Lee 10,900, T22 Jock Goodyer 10.919, V17 Dennis Jones 10.979, A1 Jamie Veal 10.997, V98 Peter Doukas 11.040, V64 David Aldersley 11.054, V60 Jordyn Charge 11.099, V19 Sam Wren 11.131, N36 Eddie Lumbar 11.203, V32 Stephen Spark 11.380.

    Group Three: V3 Darren Mollenoyux 10.814, VA75 David Donegan 10.874, V42 Jye O’Keeffe 10.939, V37 Grant Anderson 11.062, S37 Terry Kelly 11.141, V44 Tim Van Ginneken 11.207, V73 Charles Hunter 11.334, V50 Darren Clarke 11.478, VA82 Michael McDonald 12.097, VA22 Leigh Mugavin 13.817.

    Group Four: V68 Brett Milburn 10.966, S13 Brock Hallett 11.130, V72 Jacob Smith 11.213, T62 Tate Frost 11.234, V81 Robbie Paton 11.247, V88 David Murcott 11.375, VA4 Carly Walsh 11.633, V27 Ross Jared 11.703, V36 Daniel Reinhardt 12.610, V48 Adam King No Time Taken.

    Heat One: 1st VA29 Terry Rankin; 2nd W17 James McFadden; 3rd VA88 Grant Stansfield

    Heat Two: 1st V25 Jack Lee; 2nd V17 Dennis Jones; 3rd V64 David Aldersley

    Heat Three: 1st V3 Darren Mollenoyux; 2nd V42 Jye O’Keeffe; 3rd V37 Grant Anderson

    Heat Four: 1st V68 Brett Milburn; 2nd V72 Jacob Smith; 3rd S13 Brock Hallett

    Heat Five: 1st VA12 Mark Carlin; 2nd V19 Sam Wren; 3rd T22 Jock Goodyer

    Heat Six: 1st W17 James McFadden; 2nd V83 Chris Solomon; 3rd V60 Jordyn Charge

    Heat Seven: 1st V37 Grant Anderson; 2nd V50 Darren Clarke; 3rd V68 Brett Milburn

    Heat Eight: 1st S13 Brock Hallett; 2nd V88 David Murcott; 3rd V27 Ross Jared.

    Top-Six Shootout:

    Silver: 1st S13 Brock Hallett 11.741; 2nd V25 Jack Lee 12.284; 3rd V37 Grant Anderson 12.507; 4th VA29 Terry Rankin 12.947.

    Gold: 1st W17 James McFadden 11.954; V68 Brett Milburn 12.287; S13 Brock Hallett 12.322; V25 Jack Lee 12.334.

    Sprintcar C-Main (4 Transfer to B-Main): 1st V98 Peter Doukas; 2nd A1 Jamie Veal; 3rd V73 Charles Hunter; 4th VA22 Leigh Mugavin; 5th V44 Tim VanGinneken; 6th V27 Ross Jared; 7th V57 Troy Hose; 8th V28 Andrew Hughes; 9th V32 Stephen Spark; 10th V9 Rod Matthews; 11th N36 Eddie Lumbar; 12th VA4 Carly Walsh; 13th VA82 Michael McDonald; 14th V36 Daniel Reinhardt.

    Sprintcar B-Main (6 Transfer to A-Main): 1st V42 Jye O’Keeffe; 2nd A1 Jamie Veal; 3rd V88 David Murcott; 4th V70 John Vogels; 5th V60 Jordyn Charge; 6th V98 Peter Doukas; 7th V50 Darren Clarke; 8th V81 Robbie Paton; 9th V83 Chris Solomon; 10th V44 Tim Van Ginneken; 11th V95 Ryan Davis; 12th VA88 Grant Stansfield; 13th VA22 Leigh Mugavin; 14th V73 Charles Hunter; 15th V64 David Aldersley; 16th S37 Terry Kelly.

    Sprintcar A-Main (30 laps No-Time): 1st W17 James McFadden; 2nd V3 Darren Mollenoyux; 3rd V37 Grant Anderson; 4th A1 Jamie Veal; 5th V72 Jacob Smith; 6th V42 Jye O’Keeffe; 7th V17 Dennis Jones; 8th V98 Peter Doukas; 9th V88 David Murcott; 10th V70 John Vogels; 11th V60 Jordyn Charge; 12th VA29 Terry Rankin; 13th V68 Brett Milburn; 14th T22 Jock Goodyer; 15th VA12 Mark Carlin; 16th VA75 David Donegan; 17th S13 Brock Hallett; 18th V25 Jack Lee.

    (Start Order: 1. W17; 2. V68; 3. S13; 4. V25; 5. V37; 6. VA29; 7. V72; 8. V3; 9. V17; 10. T22; 11. VA75; 12. VA12; 13. V42; 14. A1; 15. V88; 16. V70; 17. V60-; 18. V98)

    Lap Leaders: 1-30 W17 James McFadden.

    Street Stocks:

    Heat One: 1st SA21 Mark Jennings; 2nd W42 Chris Hay; 3rd G13 Adam Timberlake.

    Heat Two: 1st B48 Mick Clark; 2nd W55 Steven Watts; 3rd C5 Darren Matthews.

    Heat Three: 1st W55 Steven Watts; 2nd B48 Mick Clark; 3rd SA21 Mark Jennings.

    A-Main: 1. SA21 Mark Jennings; 2. B48 Mick Clark; 3. W55 Steven Watts; 4. G13 Adam Timberlake; 5. RDL88 Timothy Hutchinson; 6. W25 Jamie Crutchley; 7. HA5 Troy Hose; 8. C5 Darren Matthews; 9. RDL21 Ellen Hampson; 10. L14 Jared Wilkinson; 11. L64 Dylan Wilkinson; 12. AV43 Stephen Petrie; 13. W42 Chris Hay (DNF); 14. C84 Jared Wilkenson (DNF); 15. P35 John Russell (DNF).

    The next meeting as scheduled at Sungold Stadium, Premier Speedway, Warrnambool is the Victorian Wingless Sprint Title on Friday March 27 and 28 and the Victorian 360 Sprintcar Title on March 28.

    All race fans are urged to keep an eye on our website and Facebook Page for further updates with regards to Public Events in the State of Victoria and any possible cancellation.
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