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  • The 8th Annual Street Stock 20/20 will be held this Saturday Night at the Esperance Holden Speedway in the South Eastern Region of Western Australia.

    Current Western Australian Street Stock Champion Jack Barnewall from Kalgoorlie will be out to win his fifth 20/20 in a row and sixth overall with long time Sedan competitor Dean Shore.

    Many of the local Esperance based competitors will be keen to keep the winners prize money in town with a number of strong pairings entered.

    The 8th Annual Street Stock 20/20 is supported by local sponsors the Bay of Isles Comfort Style Furniture and The Jetty Resort.

    SSA Production Sedans and SSA Junior Sedans are also on the program with both classes enjoying a resurgence in numbers in Esperance in recent times.


    WA1 Jack Barnewall and Dean Shore
    3 Mitchell Hamel and Clint Watson
    4 Dylan Williams and Josh Martinelli
    11 Josh Macalpine and Justin Rhodes
    13 Nathan Fletcher and Paul Eather
    14 Wade Rigney and Gary Leeson
    16 Luke Barnewall and Hamish Macalpine
    31 Tristan Stroet and Damien Amato
    39 Zane Humphrys and Kody Kelman
    71 Tanya Kemp and Lance McGregor
    81 Peter Walker and Ryan Penfold
    83 Linton Dickerson and Jeff Dickerson
    98 Jarred Bridges and Brenton Bridges
    195 Lachie Dellar and Jeff Pahl

    Previous Winners of the Street Stock 20/20

    2012/13 Jack Barnewall & Dean Shore
    2013/14 Ray Leonard & Evan Wakefield
    2014/15 Hamish Macalpine & Johnny Terriaca
    2015/16 Jack Barnewall & Dean Shore
    2016/17 Jack Barnewall & Aaron Murphy
    2017/18 Jack Barnewall & Aaron Murphy
    2018/19 Jack Barnewall & Dean Shore

    Photo of Jack Barnewall in action last weekend in Kalgoorlie by Blake Jones Photography.
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