• What a great line-up this Saturday night at Nyora Raceway for motor racing fans and families with another night with almost one hundred competitors and some of Victoria’s biggest races on once again, this time with the Victorian Street Stock Series and the annual Ladies Standard Saloon ‘Skirtz in the Dirt’ feature event headlining the night.

    The programme will also include Sports Sedans, state and national Junior Sedan classes, Standard Saloons of the open variety and Mini Sprintcars competing for the first time this season at their Australian title venue and the kids will be delighted to know that Santa Claus has promised he will stop in and their will be a Fireworks display from the wonderful team at ‘Peninsula Fireworks’ to celebrate.

    In the ‘Shannons Insurance’ Street Stock Rumble feature event, Jamie Lock from Bendigo faces some very tough competition such as Ballarat’s Jayden Blomeley, Jason Duell across from Mount Gambier, Shane Roycroft and his wife Felicity from the Goulburn Valley, Mick Dann and Andrew Jordan from Melbourne’s eastern suburbs, Jason Degoldi from Geelong, Shaun Henry from Ballarat, Warrick Howie from Victoria’s North East and Russell Hill a local from Caldermeade who has won more times at Nyora in his career than the rest of the field combined.

    Degoldi had a cracking season last year where he kept on winning around the state, Blomeley had a breakout season where he started to pop up on podiums with results on a regular basis, and Dann is always a driver at the front end to keep an eye on, he has been on more national title podiums than anybody in the list. These drivers are some who should be towards the front giving Lock who finished second at round one at Wangaratta and Duell who finished third, some hurry up all night.

    What a field we have for the ‘Somerville Car Care’ supported Standard Saloon Ladies ‘Skirtz in the Dirt’ feature event. Back to Back Victorian Champion Trish Dike returns for the season and she is the headline driver in a class field that includes Hanna Domburg travelling across from Portland. Emily Ayres who had a win at Nyora’s last race meeting, Sara Benson who can race anything and is usually at the front of the field, Ash Wilson, Tracey Ingram, Hayley Hutchins and Courtney Meakins who is in her first year of adult level competition and very capable of a top five finish in this show.

    Competition on the night will see Marcus Reddecliffe and Cameron Dike go to battle in the Sports Sedans with Peter Angus, Katie Meyer and Kayla Knox others to watch for, the Speedway Sedan’s Australia Juniors is likely to see Bradin Claridge lead the charge, Mark Miles, Brendan Eames and Steven Danks are three to keep an eye on in the Standard Saloons.

    In the Victorian Speedway Council Standard Saloon Juniors, a great line-up will see Harry Cecil, Nathan Miles, Matt Shankland, Damon Ingram and Maddie Miles amongst the lead drivers and in Mini Sprintcar racing Owen Schnoor, Andrew Burleigh, Michael Conway and Darren Schnoor are a few of the front runners competing this Saturday night.

    All the action starts from 4.30pm whilst the gate will be open for public from around 11am for entry will cost $20 for an adult, Kids 12 to 16 are $10 each whilst all other children are free and Pensioners are $10

    For all enquiries call 0429 847 888

    Nyora thank the Club sponsors for this season:
    Miles Mechanical Pakenham
    Total Autos Pakenham
    Rip it Up Earthworks Bittern
    Bursons Pakenham
    Highline Racewear
    Cut N’ Core
    South East Paving
    Tooradin Sports Club
    ARP Earthworks
    All Care Exhausts Pakenham
    Bass Concreting
    John Duff & CO – Shell
    Mepstead Electrical
    J Allcock Plumbing
    ZT Carpentree
    Ramsdale Wreckers
    SS AG Services
    Polly’s Auto Salvage
    Sherlow’s Used Cars
    Concept Trade Solutions
    Flatout Trailers & Fabrication
    Random Panda Photography
    Napier Photography
    JW Book Keeping
    Sticky Biz Apparel
    Cecil Excavations
    Earth Link Electrical
    Metal Station
    Mornington Motors
    ML Automotive
    Peninsula District Towing
    Somerville Motor Body Works
    Ultimate Awards
    BAM Inspect & Build
    Pakenham Accident Repairs
    BGN Auto Glass
    Affordable Auto Salvage
    Ripper Sticker
    Taylor’d Fabrications
    Russell Steel
    Heartfelt Candles
    Dandenong Pest Control
    Pakenham Towing
    Wise Steel Sales
    Victorian Crane Trucks
    EPH Group

    Jamie Lock – Bendigo 43
    Eugene Bennett – Nyora 19
    Andy Burgoyne - Redline 13
    Jayden Blomeley - Ballarat 62
    AJ Lawrence - Rosedale 55
    Belinda McCoubrie - Colac 66
    Russell Hill - Drouin 21
    Greg Parks - Alexandra 36
    Jamie Curtis - Bairnsdale 17
    Craig Claridge - Swan Hill 7
    Jason Duell - SA 18
    Felicity Roycroft - GV 65
    Shane Roycroft - GV 82
    Steven Hardie - Nyora 94
    Mick Dann - Redline 0
    Kevin Brogmus - Alexandra 58
    Shaun Henry - Ballarat 23
    Jason Degoldi – Redline 27
    Jason Morrison – Colac 84
    David Barnes – Drouin 73
    Todd Rose – Mildura 73
    David Barrie – Colac 83
    Warwick Howie – NSW 11
    Zoe Salau – Swan Hill 52
    Jayden Riordan - Mildura 26
    Andrew Jordan - Alexandra 89

    Erin Connolly – Bendigo 5
    Rebecca Glassborow – Nyora 16
    Hayley Hutchins – Nyora 23
    Colleen Noonan – Nyora 19
    Hanna Domburg – Portland 15
    Molly Johnson – Nyora 26
    Kayla Saunders – Nyora 28
    Vicky Price – Nyora 11
    Emily Ayre – Rosedale 96
    Courtney Meakins – Alexandra 82
    Sara Benson – Nyora 29
    Ash Wilson – Nyora 44
    Trish Dike – Victoria 1
    Tracey Ingram – Nyora 76

    Katie Meyer – Ballarat 76
    Troy Glassborow – Nyora 16
    Kayla Knox – Redline 68
    Marcus Reddecliffe – Nyora 21
    Cam Dike – Nyora 37
    Daniel Angus – Nyora 24
    Jamie Angus – Nyora 46
    Peter Angus – Nyora 72
    Robbie Edwards – Alexandra 11

    Jessica O’Donnell – Nyora 96
    Bradin Claridge – Swan Hill 7
    Connor Claridge – Swan Hill 6
    Logan Mair – Nyora 61
    Daniel Attewell – Nyora 6

    Robbie Noonan – Nyora 19
    Ash Dean – Nyora 95
    Scott Deville – Nyora 24
    Matt Saunders – Nyora 28
    Justin Hutchins – Nyora 23
    Mark Miles – Nyora 12
    Chris Miles – Nyora 18
    Brendon Eames – Corowa 16
    Steven Danks – Rosedale 96
    Stephen Douglas – Nyora 44

    Cody Drennan – Nyora 10
    Bree Noonan – Nyora 32
    Maddie Miles – Nyora 18
    Nathan Miles – Nyora 12
    Matt Shankland – Nyora 46
    Owen Cecil – Nyora 30
    Harry Cecil – Nyora 56
    Jackie Angus – Nyora 19
    Sway Wilson – Nyora 74
    Damon Ingram – Nyora 76
    Chase Ingram – Nyora 67

    Owen Schnoor - 4
    Darren Schnoor - 6
    Andrew Burleigh - 17
    Jason Lynn - 24
    Ally Moore - 26
    Maureen Sell - 27
    Michael Conway – 77

    Written by
    Dean Thompson
    DMT Sports Media
    For Nyora Raceway Inc

    Street Stocks with Nyora members involved this Saturday (C) Napier Photography

    Victorian Ladies Standard Saloon champion Trish Dike will compete (C) Napier Photography

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