• West Australian Super Sedan driver Gary Higgs, will this Saturday commence arguably his biggest season yet, which will see Higgs traverse the Country, competing in five states.

    Not only will Higgs compete in five States, he will contest the Queensland, South Australian, Victorian and West Australian Titles, along with the National Title as part of his campaign, which will stretch to twenty one nights of competition.

    Starting on Saturday night, 30 November 2019, Higgs will commence with the Queensland swing of the schedule, contesting the fourth round of the McCosker Super Sedan Series round at the Ausdeck Patios Archerfield Speedway.

    The car is straight off of the Sweet Chassis factory floor, with Higgs to hit the Archerfield track without any testing, which will make it that much more difficult a task with Matt Pascoe, Darren Kane and Sean Black all part of the field. Pascoe who earlier this month won his 54th career A Main, has been helping the Higgs Motorsport team finalise the latest car to be prepared which Higgs will campaign right across Australia in the next five months.

    With the engine assembled just two days ago, and the car literally just off the stands for the first time today (Friday), car and driver will finally be acquainted with the track in 24 hours time.

    Racing commences at 4.45pm EST.


    A1 Matt Pascoe
    Q2 Craig Hammond
    L3 Tania Smith
    Q7 Colin Kaine
    Q19 Tonny Brinkmann
    C20 Nicholas O'Keefe
    Q26 Sean Black
    C33 Justin Randall
    Q36 Darren Kane
    GL39 Bob McCosker
    NQ44 Trent Wilson
    Q47 Barry Craft
    Q48 Rodney Craft
    B51 Zac Pascoe
    RK63 Justin Smithwick
    C77 Sam Roza
    W81 Gary Higgs (WA)
    Q91 Ed Doherty

    30 November 2019: Archerfield, Queensland Super Sedan Series
    14 December 2019: Kingaroy, Queensland State Title
    26 December 2019: Gympie, Super Sedan Summer Slam
    27 December 2019: Gympie, Super Sedan Summer Slam
    28 December 2019: Archerfield, Super Sedan Summer Slam
    17 January 2020: Latrobe, Grand Prix
    18 January 2020: Latrobe, Grand Prix
    23 January 2020: Carrick Speedway
    25 January 2020: Hobart, Grand National
    26 January 2020: Hobart, Grand National
    15 February 2020: Bunbury, Super Sedan Summer Series Round
    22 February 2020: Mt Gambier, South Australian Title
    6 March 2020: Mt Gambier, Australian Title
    7 March 2020: Mt Gambier, Australian Title
    8 March 2020: Mt Gambier, Australian Title
    14 March 2020: Hamilton, Victoria Title (TBC)
    4 April 2020: Mt Barker Super Sedan Classic
    11 April 2020: Albany, WA Super Sedan Title
    12 April 2020: Albany, Bert Vosbergen Memorial 50 Lapper
    25 April 2020: Toowoomba, Queensland Super Sedan Series (TBC)
    16 May 2020: Archerfield, GP 53

    Gary Higgs is proudly supported by:
    Marri Park Tavern & Golfcourse
    Higgs Organic Blends
    Ford Transit Specialists WA
    Empire Graphics

    Gary Higgs Super Sedan Still on the Showroom Floor! Yet to see daylight, but ready to commence a massive Summer Season

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