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    The new Victorian Street Stock Series is upon us with thirty race drivers ready to go at it this Saturday night at Wangaratta Speedway in round one of the five round series that takes in stops at Nyora, Rushworth, Swan Hill and Alexandra all the way through the season and cars from right around Victoria have put their name down to be at event one to get the show to a terrific start.

    A few weeks ago at Wangaratta Andrew Jordan led to the finish a field that went for a sneak peek, that field has now grown to thirty cars for this second visit and Jordan will have to contend with the likes of Jamie Lock who won at Rushworth a fortnight ago, Lenny Bates who has podiumed in many title and feature race events, Mick Dann who has done the same and Jason Degoldi a standout competitor last season with a handful of victories and more than most in tough competition around Victoria.

    We are only just getting started when you go through the list. Popular South Australian Jason Duell has just as many title podiums as Bates and Dann does and he is in on this deal, the Queen of Street Stocks and a top five finisher on a regular basis Brooke Ferguson is in along with Jayden Blomeley who last season had his best year putting himself in the picture on a regular basis for a win. Oh, and let’s not forget Brooke’s mum Karen, she is tremendously quick also.

    AJ Lawrence is another standout racer; the youngster can race on bitumen and on the dirt and has taken to Street Stocks and quickly become one of the most exciting drivers for fans to get behind.

    Darren Giacometti is a former Queensland champion from the Ballarat and District area he joins the line-up as do Shepparton husband and wife Shane and Felicity Roycroft. The Wangaratta Club members Shane was up the front of the recent Rushworth event, Felicity is a contender for the Ladies pointscore this season, however her and the other Ladies will defeat many of the lads on their way through the season, they could even take the whole series with consistency and/or victories.

    We could go on and on and we still would leave out drivers who feel they should get a mention, however we will end it with the Wodonga car owners Reg and Kath Corbett and local Chiltern racer Warrick Howie who will drive their car at Wangaratta, this team is the closest to being local and enjoy the support the Wangaratta Speedway give them and they will be flying the flag for the north east and then we have multiple times Australian and state Street Stock champion Brad McClure. McClure has just committed to the nights racing and he will start all his qualifying at the rear of the field. He is just the man that could win the whole night from that sort of adversity.

    There is over $1000 for the winner and around $5000 up for grabs over the night. Racing starts at 5pm with Wangaratta’s other events supporting the Street Stocks. Heat races are over ten lap distance and the feature event is over forty laps with drivers changing race direction halfway through the race.

    There is also a bike to be won if you bring along your kids and their colouring pencils for the best colouring supported by Aerodrome Automotive.

    For race drivers the pits open from Midday and the drivers briefing will be at 4.30pm with racing from 5pm, no interval during the night unless the track requires a grading.

    The Victorian Street Stock Series would like to thank;
    Mental Racewear
    Aerodrome Automotive
    Claridge House Removals
    Forbzy’s Spray Painting
    Pro 1 Race Parts
    Smooth Suspension
    EB Graphics
    Campton Graphics
    Patriot Motorsport
    Morey Warnock Engineering
    DMT Sports Media official media supplier
    Napier Photography official photographer

    Warrick Howie – NSW
    Andrew Jordan – Alexandra
    Jamie Lock – Bendigo
    Jamie Curtis – Bairnsdale
    Todd Rose – Mildura
    Andrew Burgoyne – Redline
    Lenny Bates – Alexandra
    Shane Roycroft – Goulburn Valley
    Felicity Roycroft – Goulburn Valley
    Mick Dann – Redline
    Belinda McCoubrie – Colac
    David Barrie – Colac
    Brooke Ferguson – Ballarat
    Karen Ferguson – Mortlake
    Darren Giacometti – Redline
    Jason Degoldi – Redline
    Craig Claridge – Swan Hill
    Greg Parks – Alexandra
    Jayden Blomeley – Ballarat
    Jason Duell – South Australia
    Dale Blomeley – Ballarat
    Bradley Hill – Nyora
    Kevin Brogmus – Alexandra
    Troy Polley – Avalon
    Eugene Bennett – Nyora
    Steven Hardie – Nyora
    Adrian Lawrence – Rosedale
    Annika Rudebeck – Alexandra
    Tim Hutchinson – Redline
    Brad McClure – Redline

    Written by
    Dean Thompson
    DMT Sports Media
    for Victorian Street Stock Series
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