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  • This Sunday Morning from 11am Drouin Speedway will provide a great day of family entertainment for everybody that makes their way out to Jindivick Road Drouin West with the Wingless Sprints and a feature event for the Standard Saloons headlining the days action, all the club classes will also be up for action with a great field of Junior racers and some Vintage and Classic cars from years gone by also.

    Wingless Sprintcar nominations include entries from Aron Lawrence, Kim-Loong Gosling and Travis Evans amongst those already received. Evans had a win here last season at Drouin, and he is tough to beat at his home circuit where he spends hours helping with the preparation of the track for race day.

    The Standard Saloons will compete for the Sally Walkinshaw Memorial an event honouring committee member Paul Walkinshaw’s late wife Sally. Sally loved her motorsport, in particular she loved Speedway and her family and friends. She will be thrilled to be honoured with an event in her name and the Walkinshaw family and friends are looking forward to seeing a terrific days racing with our first meeting winner Jeff Blencowe, Marcus Reddecliffe, Leigh Gooding, Steven Danks and former Victorian Champion Micheal Ardley all amongst the nominations so far. Blencowe has two feature wins from two starts in Standard Saloons so far this season and is the pre-event favourite going into Sunday.

    Junior Standard Saloon action will be fierce also with the Drouin club’s Victoria number four ranked driver Jack Yeomans up against a tough line-up that includes Nathan Miles who was second on Sunday night at Nyora, his sister Maddison, Matt Shankland and Hunter Carey returns now that dad has fixed his smashed up race-car from the first meeting two weeks ago.

    It is likely Division 2 Hot Rods and Sport Sedans will run together as Open Sedans, Jake Young who finished fourth in Sports Sedans Sunday night at Nyora Raceway and Robert Garlick are two strong nominations on the list at the moment.

    Ladies Standard Saloon action will see our first meetings winner Hayley Hutchins on track with Natasha Curtis, Kate Stuchbery and Sharlene Laidlaw to do battle, the four will have to also face tough competition from Kayla Saunders, Jemima Borkowski and Erin Mitchell.

    Vintage and Classic Super Modifieds and Sprintcars will also hit the track for fan’s who enjoy the older model cars still having a zip around the racetrack.

    Gates open from 8am. Racing starts at 11am.

    Entry will cost $15 for an adult, aged and invalid Pensioner and Children 12 to 16yrs is $10 and Children under 12 years of age are free. A family ticket for 2 adults and 2 children aged 12 to 16 will cost $40.

    General enquiries can be made to 0422 289 133

    Drouin Speedway Clubs proud sponsors are;
    Alberni Engineering,
    Baw Shire
    Berwick Legal
    Bottom Pub Bunyip
    Bunyip Bakery
    Flight Centre Warragul
    Keena Fencing
    Latrobe Waste and Recycling
    Leigh and Anne Gooding
    Longwarry Meatsafe
    Mighty Doors
    Miles Mechanical
    Monckton Concrete
    Norstar Steel Recyclers
    Napier Photography
    Nar Nar Goon Automotive
    On Site Medical Response
    Random Panda Photography
    S S Plastering and Painting
    STR8 Bricklaying
    TNT Auto Parts
    Victorian Crane Trucks
    Visual Signage Solutions
    Wilkar Constructions

    John Rotheram – V3
    Sean Fitzpatrick – V6
    Ben Shaw – V27
    Chris Skilton – V29
    Kyle Mayson – VX59
    Jessie Garlick – VX62
    Kim-Loong Gosling – V68
    Harley Parr – V69
    Aron Lawrence – V70
    Travis Evans -V77
    Tom McKenna – V85
    Renae Eastham – V88
    Bradley Benson – VX95

    Mick Coomer
    Anthony Murray
    Wayne Gibson
    Kane Gibson
    Kate Stuchbery
    Robbie Noonan
    Matt Saunders
    Darwyn Lee
    Michael Cormack
    Andrew Cormack
    Leigh Gooding
    John Watson
    Peter Cormack
    Mark Borkowski
    Jeff Blencowe
    Marcus Reddecliffe
    Aaron Laidlaw
    Clinton Geer
    Ben Grey
    Scott Deville
    Arron Cormack
    Steven Danks
    Leigh Mitchell
    Michael Ardley
    Justin Hutchins

    Chloe Coomer
    Tasharni Murray
    Hunter Carey
    Nathalya Westwood
    Zoe Hunt
    Jack Yeomans
    Matt Shankland
    Maddison Miles
    Nathan Miles

    (Subject to Club Confirmation)
    Kevin Hays – Divi 2
    Ricky Low – Divi 2
    David Kerrison – Divi 2
    Jasmin Molloy - Sports
    Bianca Brown - Sports
    Bailey Perkins - Sports
    Robert Garlick - Sports
    Jake Young - Sports

    Hayley Hutchins
    Kate Stuchbery
    Kayla Saunders
    Jemima Borkowski
    Sharlene Laidlaw
    Erin Mitchell
    Natasha Curtis

    Rob Watson
    Jamie Angus
    Dave Panetta
    Glen Barnett
    Jamie Quirk
    Julian Smith
    Peter Angus

    Written by
    Dean Thompson
    DMT Sports Media
    For Drouin Speedway Club

    Both Kim-Loong Gosling in 68 will be in action at Drouin (C) Random Panda Photography

    Jeff Blencowe has won both feature events he has competed in so far this season in Standard Saloons ( C) Napier Photography

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