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  • This Saturday night twenty five very keen lady racers will compete for the annual ‘Dirt Chix Queen of the Mount’ victory which in Victoria at least, will give the driver the honour for the next twelve months of being the Queen of Street Stocks right around Victoria.

    As has been the case for past events, the field that has assembled is a tough one with a number of potential winners up and down the nominations list. Coming all the way down from Queensland is Michelle Barbeler and she will be doing battle with the likes of Megan Forrest, Kelly McDermott, Karen and Brooke Ferguson, Michelle Hetherington, Kayla Knox, Felicity Roycroft, Priscilla Grech, Emma Hutchinson and Sonia Nelson just to name a few of the ladies who are strong chances of taking a win this weekend.

    Plenty of generous car owners have handed over the steering wheel to their precious Holden or Falcon this weekend and in some cases there is an argument for the car getting back on the trailer straighter than it ever does after a race meeting.

    It will be a terrific race meeting to enjoy, the girls go at it hard as they only get one chance each season to be a crowned a Queen.

    The Junior Sedan Promotional Association drivers will compete in a series round in their Daihatsu Charades, Hyundai Excels, Datsun Sunbird’s and Toyota Corolla’s with the likes of Ballarat youngsters Darcy Wilson, Kasey Ferguson, Bailey Rumler, Bella Rizzoli all on track up against the best competitors from around Victoria and South Australia including Kasey Garlick, Mitch Glynn, Brad Gartner and Ricky Cornwall.

    In Sports Sedan action Leigh Bourke returns with the Victoria #2 Cortina and he will be in tough competition with Lucas Conder, Ricky Ashmore, Jack Van Bremen, Chris Rieck, David Donegan and Nathan Fawns just some of the recent front running drivers in the line up. A winner could easily come from another name in the line up; it will be a great final show for the season.

    Leigh Gooding, Tim Hutchinson, Hayden Clifford and Dale Blomeley are amongst the line up in the Standard Saloons with the four expected to be at the front of the field battling for the final win of the season at Redline, Hutchinson has been on top all season across Victoria and it would be fitting for him to close out the local season at Redline, whilst Blomeley is on strict orders not to wreck Priscilla Grech’s Standard Saloon!

    A couple of Unlimited Sedans will roll around with the Thunder Sedans with Steve Hodder keen to snatch a win. Hodder was competitive in the previous meeting against the strongest Unlimited Sedans and this weekend he will need to defeat Sean Lister, Garry Boston and Darren Forrest to achieve a win, Lindsay Fox is hoping for a consistent run whilst Greg Raggatt is looking forward to getting back in the seat of his machine.

    Demonstration runs by the V8 Non Wing Sprints are scheduled also.

    Gates to the public ope at 1pm with racing from 4pm.

    Entry for the final show of the season is Adults & Pensioners $15, Kids 5 to the age of 15 $5 or a complete car load $30. So fill a car with you and your family or mates and come and enjoy the show for $30! Fully catered venue, no BYO as per law.

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    Jorjia Dempster – Mortlake 4
    Karen Ferguson – Redline 11
    Kelly McDermott – Rosedale 11
    Brooke Ferguson – Redline 12
    Leanne Burgoyne – Redline 13
    Jacque Whatmore – Ballarat 14
    Megan Forrest – Alexandra 14
    Natasha Curtis – Bairnsdale 17
    Melissa Crutchley – Redline 35
    Elira Degrandi – Warrnambool 42
    Kayla Apps – Swan Hill 46
    Emma Hutchinson – South Australia 46
    Michelle Hetherington – Redline 48
    Sonia Nelson – Alexandra 61
    Priscilla Grech – Ballarat 63
    Felicity Roycroft – Goulburn Valley 65
    Maryanne Lowe/ Sarah Meakins – Alexandra 66
    Kayla Knox – South Australia 67
    Jo Storer – Mildura 77
    Rhi Campton – Alexandra 81
    Michelle Barbeler – South Burnett, QLD 81
    Sharolyn Pollard – Goulburn Valley 82
    Jo Scott – Ballarat 85
    Hannah Grima – Colac 99

    Darcy Wilson – Ballarat 5
    Ben Micallef – Warrnambool 5
    Mitch Glynn – Avalon 8
    Jack Ramsdale – Nyora 11
    Ricky Cornwall – Alexandra 15
    Todd Moule – Drouin 16
    Bella Rizzoli – Ballarat 18
    Brad Gartner – South Australia 19
    Jack Tanner – Warrnambool 21
    Tim Gorski – Alexandra 23
    Jamie Pumpa – Portland 23
    Jeremy Gorski – Alexandra 24
    Ricky Clark – Heartland 25
    Jade Moule – Drouin 26
    Darcy Giblin – Laang 29
    Oskar Tanner – Warrnambool 44
    Kasey Garlick = Alexandra 62
    Courtney Meakins – Alexandra 84
    Rhys Meakins – Alexandra 85
    Peter Monaro – Portland 88

    Connor Claridge – Swan Hill 6
    Bradin Claridge – Swan Hill 7
    Kasey Ferguson – Mortlake 11
    Chloe Sheerman – Alexandra 11
    Holly Harris – Avalon 12
    Cody Compton –Portland 18
    Jake Hooley – Laang 25
    Jaxson Vella – Alexandra 26
    Bailey Rumler – Ballarat 34
    Linken Paterson – Alexandra 48
    Lachlan Bull – Swan Hill 51
    Jarrod Brown – Heartland 69
    Seth Sloane – Alexandra 92
    Tanner Barclay – Portland 95

    Leigh Bourke – Victoria 2
    Ricky Ashmore – Ballarat 7
    Darren Conder – Ballarat 8
    Caleb Lincoln – Alexandra 9
    Lucas Conder – Ballarat 9
    Justin McKeegan – Ballarat 10
    Jack Van Bremen – Alexandra 16
    Chris Rieck – Avalon 18
    Jay Dickson – Geelong 31
    Craig Phillips – Redline 36
    Kayla Knox – Redline 68
    Mick Naismith – Heartland 76
    Paul Botheras – Daylesford 77
    Ricky O’Meara – Ballarat 81
    Nathan Fawns – Redline 87

    Gavin Cooper – Bendigo 5
    Leigh Gooding – Rosedale 11
    Dale Blomeley – Rosedale 17
    Justin Crerar – Ballarat 29
    Matt Turner/ Steven Watterson – Rosedale 51
    Colin Ward – Ballarat 59
    Patrick Walsh – Ballarat 68
    Ben Hutchinson – Redline 69
    Lachie Chivers – Ballarat 78
    Dave Chivers – Ballarat 79
    Ian Walsh – Ballarat 86
    Tim Hutchinson – Daylesford 88
    Shell Sinclair – Ballarat 96
    Hayden Clifford – Geelong 99

    Sean Lister – Victoria 2 / Redline 4 – Unlimited Sedan
    Lindsay Fox – Ballarat 5 – Thunder Sedan
    Garry Boston – Heartland 18 – Unlimited Sedan
    Wally Hucker – Ballarat 22 – Thunder Sedan
    Graeme Nugent – Redline 27 – Thunder Sedan
    Stephen Hodder – Redline 46 – Thunder Sedan
    Greg Raggatt – Redline 49 – Thunder Sedan
    Darren Forrest – Rosedale 55 – Unlimited Sedan
    Shane Stephenson – Redline 75 – Thunder Sedan

    Written By
    Dean Thompson
    DMT Sports Media
    For Belmont Speedway Drivers Club

    Emma Hutchinson gets to steer this baby this weekend in the Queen of the Mount (C) Dean Miller Photography

    Kasey Garlick is hard to defeat right now in Junior Sedans (C) Vern and Jackie Parker Photography

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