• Kiwi Taylor Clarke is the toast of NZ Speedcar Racing after winning the grueling Sydney City 50-Lap Classic at Valvoline Raceway overnight.

    Clarke sped his Seamount Racing #NZ4 to a stunning victory, along the way recording his first ever main event victory.

    “I can’t believe that the first win of my career is the fifty lapper at Parramatta, this is a dream,” he grinned.

    It wasn’t all smooth sailing for Clarke however as he gently rolled his car over during victory celebrations after the chequered flag.

    “As you can see I don’t have much experience with the victory lane stuff, but I don’t think Brett and Leigh Morris will mind too much. We just won the fifty lapper right!”

    Clarke led home New South Wales duo Darren Jenkins in second place and Matt Smith in third in a main event that was typically full of drama.

    Fate dealt Michael Stewart a cruel hand with him getting caught up with a lapped car as he was out in front and an almost certain victory when begging as the #N51 CP3 was taken out with right rear corner damage in the melee with Kaidon Brown.

    The big boys screamed from the back of the grid as is the norm with the 50-lapper format but only one restart and the cracking pace of the leader Clarke then Stewart gave title contenders Michael Pickens and Matt Smith limited opportunities.

    Official results:

    1. Taylor Clarke NZ
    2. Darren Jenkins AUS
    3. Matt Smith AUS
    4. Michael Pickens NZ
    5. Hayden Williams NZ
    6. Alex Bright USA
    7. Zach Daum USA
    8. Dayne Kingshott AUS
    9. Jeremy Webb NZ
    10. Shayne Alach NZ
    11. Jaimie McKinlay AUS
    12. Troy Jenkins AUS
    13. Hayden Guptill NZ
    14. Lee Redmond AUS
    15. Kaidon Brown AUS
    16. Caleb Antonio-Rooney NZ
    17. Justin McMinn AUS
    18. Tim Farrell AUS
    19. Darren Vine AUS
    20. Michael Stewart DNF
    21. Jason Bell DNF
    22. Travis Mills DNF
    23. Troy Ware DNF
    24. Brad Mosen DNF
    25. Carl Worboys DNF

    Central Coast hard charger and recently crowned NSW Champion Ryan Fenech simply dominated the Late Model main event to win as he pleased over Ben Nicastri in second place and David Doherty in third.

    “That was awesome to run thirty laps on the cushion like that,” Fenech grinned excitedly, “the car was perfect and the track was beautiful. That’s one of the coolest drives I’ve had.”

    Official placings:

    1. Ryan Fenech
    2. Ben Nicastri
    3. David Doherty
    4. Todd Bayley
    5. Darryl Grimson
    6. Daniel Moon
    7. Robert Carrig
    8. Michael Hickey
    9. Nathan Disney
    10. Blake Lutiger
    11. Katelyn Hickey
    12. Bruce White
    13. Shannon Jennings DNF
    14. Clayton Pyne DNF
    15. Brad Smith DNF

    Ends release…
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