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  • Premier Speedway Warrnambool will present the 2017-2018 Eureka Garages & Sheds Sprintcar Series grand final this coming Sunday evening that has come down to a race between three drivers Rusty Hickman, Tim Hutchins and Brett Milburn to fight it out for the top three placing’s in the Series. Over fifty drivers have nominated for this event adding a little pressure to the Series contenders for the Eureka Garages & Sheds Crown.

    What an impressive list of drivers nominations, Six different Eureka Garages & Sheds Series Champions, three Classic winners, Australian Open and 360 Sprintcar Champions and a impressive list of State champions the likes of Jamie Veal, Robbie Farr, Steven Lines, Corey McCullagh, John Vogels, Darren Mollenoyux, Brett Milburn, Mike Van Bremen, Tim Rankin, Jordyn Charge and Luke Dillion.

    Then add a host of the new breed of sprintcar drivers that continue to shine in the sport of sprintcar racing in this country, Marcus Dumesny, Peter Doukas, Jordyn Charge, Brayden Parr, Grant Stansfield, Bobby Daly of course the current eureka Series point leader Rusty Hickman, Jesse Attard and the list goes on.

    While this event has a very healthy payday with $5000 going to the winner that has many of the drivers aiming to win this event is also very important to the Series regular drivers. The Grand Final of the 2017-2018 Eureka Garages & Sheds Sprintcar Series still has so much to be races for.

    While the realistic battle for the Eureka Series Crown has once again come down to the final round of the Series and is basically between Rusty Hickman and Tim Hutchins although it is a big ask for Tim to take the Crown from Rusty, mathematically it is possible but Brett Milburn who sits fifty seven points behind Tim still has a chance to claim second place in the Series.

    Now these three drivers Rusty, Tim and Brett have all had their fare share of tough nights during the Series but when you look at three of the Series Awards that are yet to be decided these drivers are in contention.

    The Lumbar Transport most heats wins for the Series is tied between both Brett Millburn and Tim Hutchins on five wins each.

    One of the other awards is the Western Nissan most cars passed in the A Mains of the Series, well both Brett Milburn and Rusty Hickman have had to race hard for their good placing’s in the main events that see both drivers equal on passing thirty one cars each so far !

    Also Brett is leading the Eliminator Race Wings award for have to race out of the B Main event to the Eureka A Main on four occasions.

    Now while these three drivers are right in the mix for many awards they are also locked into one of the most sort after awards in the Eureka Garages & Sheds Sprintcar Series thanks to Mr Jeff Leisk and KTM Australia. “The KTM Top Ten” this will see one lucky driver that finishes in the top ten that has completed the minimum amount of Series round have a shot in the random draw to win one of the best motorbikes on the market today a new 2018 KTM 350 EXC-F.

    Now the next four drivers in the point standings, Brayden Parr, Charles Hunter, Jacob Smith and Grant Stansfield are pretty much locked in for a shot at the KTM 350 motorbike but these drivers are also in a fight for fourth place in the Series with only two hundred and eighty eight points separating them, the higher they finish the more money to be had from the $45,000 plus prize poole.

    The next three in the top ten Dennis Jones, Sam Wren and Jordyn Charge need to have a good night to stay in the top ten with a couple of other drivers Peter Doukas and Corey McCullagh just outside the top ten that could sneak in and take their chance of winning a the KTM motorbike away.

    So with so much to be raced for in the Eureka Garages & Sheds Sprintcar Series the action will be on right from the start.

    With group time trials to open the night’s event before the all important heat races for this event where the drivers will have two heat races each to decide the main events starting positions is sure to be a fast and furious night of Sprintcar action once again.

    Fifty plus drivers nominated and some of the best drivers in the country in the nominations to pick a winner would be a big call but one thing is for sure whoever wins the Eureka Garages & Sheds Series Grand final event will know that they have deserved it.

    To the regular Eureka Garages & Sheds Sprintcar Series drivers the Series sponsors take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for your support during the 2017-2018 Series plus the SRA look forward to Crowning the New Eureka Series Champion this Sunday night with Eureka Garages & Sheds principal Domenic Sabatino who will be on hand to congratulate the Series winner.

    Eureka Garages & Sheds Sprintcar Series Grand Final Round13 Premier Speedway Warrnambool on Sunday night (Yes that’s right Sunday) the 11rd of March with another $5000 to win on the line.

    For more information go to the Premier Speedway web site at: www.premierspeedway.com.au

    End of Series awards:

    Eureka Garages and Sheds Series – KTM Top 10:
    1st – Rusty Hickman - 3658
    2nd – Tim Hutchins - 3384
    3rd – Brett Milburn – 3327
    4th – Brayden Parr - 2896
    5th –Charles Hunter - 2846
    6th – Jacob Smith – 2839
    7th – Grant Stansfield - 2608
    8th – Dennis Jones - 2332
    9th – Sam Wren - 2313
    10th – Jordyn Charge – 2257

    Western Nissan
    (End of Series random draw between 11th & 20th place)
    11th – Peter Doukas - 2254
    12th –Corey McCullagh - 2070
    13th – Bobby Daly - 1704
    14th –Jye Okeeffe - 1605
    15th – Mike Van Bremen - 1603
    16th – Stephen Spark - 1558
    17th – Glen Sutherland - 1537
    18th – David Aldersley – 1523
    19th – Rhys Baxter - 1491
    20th – Andrew Hughes - 1488

    The Sprintcar Racing Association of Victoria thank the following Eureka Garages and Sheds Sprintcar Series and season sponsors:


    Eureka Garages & Sheds www.eurekagarages.com.au
    KTM Australia www.ktm.com
    Western Nissan www.westernnissan.com.au
    Hoosier Tires Australia www.mdmotorsport.com.au
    Camden Signage & Building Services www.camdenneon.com.au
    Steelpipes Pty Ltd www.steelpipes.com.au
    Lumbars Transport www.lumbars.com.au
    Eliminator Race Wings www.crossmotorsport.com
    Parr Motorsports www.parrmotorsport.com
    Avalon Raceway www.avalonraceway.com.au
    Corey Gibson Photography www.gibsonphotography.com.au
    Sprintcarworld www.sprintcarworld.com.au
    Maxam Printing www.maxamprinting.com.au
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