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  • Racing at Redline Raceway returns this Saturday night January the 13th with the Victorian Sprintcar Association competitors returning after a couple of years absence from the venue to be one of the two main attractions, the other main attraction being the Duo Mobile Eliminator Cup for Street Stocks, where typically the competitors will swap paint as they get around the track four wide.

    The Sprintcar field includes Redline member James Hennessy who has been a proven competitor amongst elite competition in recent seasons. He will have his hands full with the likes of Mitch Foster who recently had a win in Gippsland, Shane Steenholdt who has been at the top of the VSA ranks for the last few seasons and Adam Greenwood who is always amongst the leaders.

    Street Stock action has as usual more than a dozen competitors who standout as being up the pointy end of the field come the feature race. The Eliminator final will have cars switch direction and drivers be eliminated at the end of segments. Each segment until the final portion, you race to avoid being eliminated from the race. You can’t win the race in the first couple of segments; however you can be taken out of the race.

    One of Redlines favourites Mick Dann is hoping for better luck than he has had in recent meetings with mechanical issues having caused his demise when he has been in the groove, Dean Jenkins is in hot form, Darren Giacometti the current Queensland champion is one of Redlines best, Shaun Henry one of Ballarat’s top gun’s, Brooke Ferguson who has been the Queen of Ballarat for a few seasons picking up wins here and there, Jason Degoldi a recent winner at Hamilton, the legend that is Brad McClure and another of Ballarat’s favourite sons Mick Clark are all keen to defend turf on top of Mount Buninyong from the visiting racers who are keen on victory.

    Competition from other clubs include Anthony Beare who continues his development of his new VE Commodore, Steven Watts a young gun from the South West Coast , Matt Nelson the current South Australian champion and Lenny Bates who is Australia two, add in Rosedale members Leigh Gooding and Darren Forrest and picking a winner is very tough.

    Supporting the two main events are the Standard Saloons with a small yet competitive field and the V8 Thunder Sedans who continue to build with new competitors entering the fray.

    Gates open at 2pm racing begins at 5.00pm, prices for this meeting are adults $20- Aged & Disabled Pensioner $15, kids 5 to 15 years of age al at $5 each, whilst under 6 years of age is free & a family of 2 adults and 3 kids at paying age, $50-. Contact for information 0418 399 917

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    VSA Sprintcars
    Mitch Foster #4
    Shane Steenholdt #5
    Mick Fallon #6
    Dave Dennison #15
    James Hennessy #21
    Michael Evans #28
    Adam Greenwood # 35
    Vince Charter #39
    Mark Laity #53
    Alistair Bastian #57
    Danny Milton #74
    Jason Langdon #78
    Andrew Nielson/ Trent Nielson #90

    Duo Mobile Eliminator for SSA Street Stocks
    Mick Dann – Redline 10
    Dean Jenkins – Redline 4
    Steven Watts – Warrnambool 5
    Peter Bryant – Daylesford 6
    Leigh Gooding – Rosedale 11
    David Missen – Ballarat 11
    Darren Giacometti – Redline 12
    Robert Smith – Ballarat 14
    Megan Forrest – Alexandra 14
    Brooke Ferguson – Ballarat 18
    Scott Secombe – Redline 18
    Josh Davey - Redline 19
    Lee Harrison – Redline 22
    Phillip Mitchell – Redline 23
    Shaun Henry – Ballarat 23
    Brad McClure- Redline 24
    Jamie Crutchley – Warrnambool 25
    Jason Degoldi - Redline
    Colin Forbes – Ballarat 35
    Darren Forrest – Rosedale 41
    Wayne Davey – Redline 41
    Chris Whatmore – Ballarat 42
    Chris Hay – Warrnambool 42
    Nathan Dunn – Daylesford 43
    Jeff Oldfield – Redline 45
    Anthony Beare – South Australia 46
    Mick Hetherington – Redline 48
    Mick Clark – Ballarat 48
    Jacob Kelly – Geelong 51
    Jacque Whatmore – Ballarat 52
    Matt Maynard – South Australia 55
    Matthew Glabb – Redline 57
    Dale Blomeley - Ballarat 61
    Matt Nelson – Alexandra 61
    Corey Knox – South Australia 67
    Wayne Sheerman – Alexandra 69
    Lenny Bates – Alexandra 74
    Melissa Crutchley – Warrnambool 77
    Dylan Campton – Alexandra 81
    David Barrie – Colac 83
    Jayden Edwards - South Australia 87
    Ben Kelly – Alexandra 95

    VSC Standard Saloons
    Priscilla Grech – Redline 17
    Lizzi Heaney - Hamilton 28
    Ron Farmer Jnr – Ballarat 45
    Ashlee Kemper - Ballarat 58
    Patrick Walsh – Ballarat 68
    Dave Chivers - Ballarat 79
    Ian Walsh – Ballarat 86
    Shell Sinclair – Ballarat 96

    VSC V8 Thunder Sedans
    Anthony Wilson - Ballarat 5
    Tim McCubbin – Ballarat 13
    Wally Hucker – Ballarat 22
    Graeme Nugent – Redline 27
    Stephen Cole – Redline 33
    Stephen Hodder – Redline 46
    Greg Raggatt – Redline 49
    Shane Stephenson – Redline 75

    Written by
    Dean Thompson
    DMT Sports Media
    For Belmont Speedway Drivers Club

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