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  • $5000 - has attracted the Street Stocks to Alexandra Speedway for this upcoming Saturday night when Holden does battle against Ford for bragging rights with local club member and current Australia number two driver Lenny Bates keen to pick up an overall race win in his FG Ford and a dozen racers with Holden’s to steer, keen to make sure he doesn’t.

    There is prize money up for grabs for each manufacturer with the Ford’s trying to out run each other and the same for the Holden’s. Bates will need to overcome Darryl Atkinson, Jason Degoldi, Corey Sandow and Warrick Howie all looking to knock him off amongst others whilst Brad McClure a legend of the category will be up against West Australian Evan Wakefield, Steve Watts, Queensland champion Darren Giacometti, Mick Dann and Darren Forrest on the Holden side of the nominations.

    Records have been broken in Alexandra’s first two meetings so expect records to fall again this Saturday night. Bring your Holden and Ford flags and marquees and wear your caps and get right behind your favourite make.

    Supporting the Street Stocks is the visiting Goulburn Ovens Sedan Association running Modified Engines with radial tyres to keep the V6 Cars competitive with the V8s. Drivers are coming from Corowa and Leeton to compete. Ross Maclean has been the benchmark competitor in this category for a number of seasons, however Frank Gordon has picked up last season’s championship winning car and is keen to hustle Maclean, David Walton is another proven competitor to keep an eye on.

    Junior Sedan action is on the cards with the nationally sanctioned SSA A and B Grade Junior Sedans and the Victorian Speedway Council sanctioned Junior Sedans. With some racers heading to a state series round for the SSA Juniors Tim Gorski moves to favouritism over Courtney Meakins and Connor Donegan in the A Grade class whilst in the B Grade Rhys Meakins, Chloe Sheerman and Sharlotte McPherson become drivers to watch.

    In the VSC Juniors Connor Donegan and Courtney Meakins along with Nick Cherry all competing in both classes of Juniors become the drivers to watch. In Standard Saloon racing the car owned by Trevor Kuhne is a winner when its Aaron Meakins turn to drive, watch for his wife Sarah and visiting Wangaratta racers Trev Goldsworthy and Liam Powell to challenge him, however they all have a bigger challenge with current Victoria number four driver Nick Chrystie in town to have a run, Chrystie currently leads the state points for Standard Saloons.

    David Donegan who won Sports Sedans at the October race meeting is back to try and win another night and currently has tough competition from Andrew Jordan, Matt Stampfli and Steve Kershaw to beat.

    Racing begins Saturday at 5pm and with $20 the price of an adult entry and $10 for children aged 10 to 16 and aged and invalid pensioners. Children under 10 years of age enter for free. Anybody who requires information can contact 0408 121 253

    Alexandra Speedway Club is very thankful for the support provided by all these businesses:
    360 Diffs & Gearboxes
    Air Anywhere
    Alexandra & Yea Pre Mix
    Australian Racing Products
    Blackburn Trailers
    Burco’s Metal Fabrications
    Campton’s Graphics
    DIY Auto Parts Broadmeadows
    Eastern Suburbs Locksmiths
    Fallon’s Bus Services
    FSM Recycling
    GB Racecars
    GYB Civil
    Healesville Directional Drilling
    Inaction Photos
    Kilmore Towing & Transport
    Lake Eildon Houseboat Sales
    Lincoln’s Earthmoving
    Linley Estate Receptions
    LS Quarry
    Metro Tow
    Murrindindi Kitchens
    Onsite Response
    Quality Fire Protection
    Revegetation Victorian
    Smooth Suspension
    Trax Racewear
    Tyrepower Alexandra
    Vern and Jackie Parker DVD’s and Photos
    Waverley Exhaust & Brake Centre
    Weeks Radio

    Brad McClure – Redline 24
    Darren Forrest – Rosedale 41
    Luke Dingley – Alexandra 66
    Wayne Sheerman – Alexandra 69
    Evan Wakefield – Alexandra 41 (Via Western Australia)
    Leigh Gooding – Rosedale 11
    Mick Dann – Redline 0
    Robert Smith – Ballarat 14
    Eugene Bennett- Alexandra 19
    Jayden Edwards – South Australia 87
    Steven Watts – Warrnambool 5
    Darren Giacometti – Redline 12

    Dylan Campton – Alexandra 81
    Collin Tate – Heartland 16
    Lenny Bates – Alexandra 74
    Jason Degoldi – Redline 27
    Matt Glab – Redline 57
    Rob Lock – Bendigo 42
    Corey Sandow – Mildura 22
    Chris Stewart – Rosedale 29
    Lee Beach – Alexandra 98
    Jayden Blomeley – Ballarat 62
    Shaun Henry – Ballarat 23
    Darryl Atkinson – Redline 37
    Warrick Howie – Leeton, NSW 11
    Troy Polley – Avalon 75

    Courtney Meakins – Alexandra 84
    Ally Morrison – Nyora 13
    Tim Gorski – Alexandra 23
    Jeremy Gorski – Alexandra 24
    Nick Cherry – Alexandra 14
    Connor Donegan – Alexandra 12
    Callum Potter – Alexandra 63
    Sharlotte McPherson – Alexandra 97
    Rhys Meakins – Alexandra 85
    Chloe Sheerman – Alexandra 11
    Sam Cherry – Alexandra 14
    Kiarna Barton – Nyora 51
    Tenayah Barton – Nyora 19
    Seth Sloane – Alexandra 92
    Kelsey Lincoln – Alexandra 5
    Natalie O’Donnell – Nyora 96
    Jarred Brown – Heartland 69

    Cory Horter – Alexandra 73
    Aaron Meakins/Trevor Kuhne – Alexandra 17
    Sarah Meakins – Alexandra 83
    Amanda Burrows – Nyora 79
    Debbie Jones – Alexandra 36
    Carl Orme – Alexandra 90
    Trev Goldworthy – Wangaratta 38
    Liam Powell – Wangaratta 45
    Daryl Joosten – Corowa 46
    Daniel Dalgliesh – Rosedale 7
    Nick Chrystie – Alexandra 10

    Steve Akil – Alexandra 8
    Dale Morrison – Alexandra 13
    David Donegan – Alexandra 75
    Caleb Lincoln – Alexandra 9
    Danny Eastham – Alexandra 74
    Andrew Jordan – Alexandra 89
    Matt Stampfli - Alexandra 5
    Steve Kershaw – Alexandra 52
    Bailey Perkins – Bairnsdale 22
    Gemma Laidlaw – Rosedale 26
    Peter Eastham – Alexandra 39
    Liam Powell – Wangaratta 45
    Corey McDonald – Mount Beauty 7
    Tommy McDonald – Wangaratta 6
    Steve McIntyre – Redline 23
    Nathan Shortis – Wangaratta 55

    Nick Cherry – Alexandra 14
    Connor Donegan – Alexandra 36
    Mac Donegan/Jake Rosser – Alexandra 79
    Harry Orme – Alexandra 90
    Rhys Meakins – Alexandra 85
    Courtney Meakins – Alexandra 83

    Frank Gordon – Leeton 92
    Mark Gordon – Leeton 91
    Jamie Atkin – Leeton 12
    Justin Granger – Leeton 29
    Liam Powell - Wangaratta 45
    James Powell – Wangaratta 44
    Ross Maclean – Corowa 27
    David Walton – Corowa 42

    Written by
    Dean Thompson
    DMT Sports Media
    For Alexandra and District Speedway Club
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