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  • Alexandra at this time of the year and every year on Queens Birthday weekend brings Trucks, Rods, Utes, Music, Bikes and Speedway to town and with Alexandra full with people interested machinery and what makes them go, the Speedway gives plenty a place to enjoy on Saturday and Sunday nights with the Sunday night being the ‘Campton Graphics 100 Lap Derby’ feature event itself.

    Open Sedans from right around Victoria have nominated to join the battle for the 100 Lap Derby, where they will compete in three heat races on the Saturday night and two more on the Sunday before the forty starters take off in the 100 Lap Derby feature event through the unique dog leg dirt track.

    Defending Champion Lennie Bonnici returns to defend his champion status with a field of superstars keen to bag the win in this amazing event. Tony Moule a regular open wheel racer and former winner is back again, four times winner and local Alexandra resident Luke Fallon is also in the nominations and a long list of potentials such as brothers Damien and Brendan Miller, three generations of Lincoln family members Steve, Colin and Corey who make up father, son and grandson in that order, Lenny Bates, Garry Monti and Matt Nelson.

    We could write down another dozen names and still might capture a mention for everybody that could win. Don’t be surprised if on Monday next week, your reading a name not mentioned.

    Standard Saloon racing again will be for the annual Shamrock Cup victory, supported by local Alexandra business the Shamrock Hotel. Competitors in this event include last year’s winner Mark Miles who will be up against stiff competition, although Miles leads a contingent from the Nyora club in South Gippsland. Bailey Perkins in his first ever senior speedway event, Aaron Price, Brad Hill and Garry Charles.

    As big as the Nyora troupe is, they need to compete with and try to out gun Alexandra raised Nick Chrystie, this seasons Victoria # 4 ranked competitor in the class, Shannon Meakins, Adam Barkby and Greg Parks the old man of the Alexandra team.

    Watch for Leigh Gooding and Mitch Blencowe who are always amongst the front runners at the strongest events and the returning Neil Ingram who has strict orders to bring his sons car back home in one piece or be stuck fixing it for the next few weeks.

    National Junior Sedans sanctioned by Speedway Sedans Australia will compete in the Victorian Short Circuit Championship event. The mixture of boys vs. girls has produced a number of different winners this season, both at Alexandra and other venues the Alexandra youngsters have been competing at.

    The most likely front runners include Kasey Garlick, Ricky Cornwall, Caleb Lincoln, Jade Moule, Courtney Meakins, Tim Gorski, and even Ally Morrison and Tyler Barton, should make for wonderful competition during the weekend.

    It is hard to look past Garlick and Cornwall with a front wheel and rear wheel car battle to take place. Newcomers to Speedway will be amazed at how quick these kids aged from ten to seventeen are actually moving.

    Families who bring along bicycles for their own children will be pleased that there is the annual ‘Metro Tow Bike Race’ on the track and great social fun across the Friday night to Sunday on the tracks property.
    Action begins from 2pm Saturday and Sunday with action finishing somewhere between 9.30 to 11pm depending on stoppages during the night.

    Competition begins at 2pm at Gordon Street Alexandra with an adult entry cost of $20, Aged & Invalid pensioners $15 children between the age of 10 & 16 are $10 with a family ticket of two adults and three children of the age 10 to 16 at $60 Kids under ten are admitted free. You can pay for two days attendance upon arrival.

    For contact at the club call 0425 756 312 in business hours during the week & until 5pm on race day.

    Alexandra Speedway Club is very thankful for the support provided by all these businesses:
    360 Diffs & Gearboxes
    Air Anywhere
    Alexandra & Yea Pre Mix
    Australian Racing Products
    Blackburn Trailers
    Burco’s Metal Fabrications
    Campton’s Graphics
    DIY Auto Parts Broadmeadows
    Eastern Suburbs Locksmiths
    Fallon’s Bus Services
    FSM Recycling
    GB Racecars
    GYB Civil
    Healesville Directional Drilling
    Highline Racewear
    Inaction Photos
    Kilmore Towing & Transport
    Lake Eildon Houseboat Sales
    Lincoln’s Earthmoving
    LS Quarry
    Metro Tow
    Murrindindi Kitchens
    Onsite Response
    Pakenham Caravan Storage & Repairs
    Quality Fire Protection
    Revegetation Victorian
    Rumbles Indoor Playcentre
    Smooth Suspension
    Shamrock Hotel Alexandra
    Trax Racewear
    Tyrepower Alexandra
    Waverley Exhaust & Brake Centre
    Weeks Radio
    Yarra Valley Towing

    AX5 Kelsey Lincoln
    AX8 Caleb Lincoln
    SH10 Breanna Simpson
    AX11 Chloe Sheerman
    N11 Jack Ramsdale
    AX14 Nick Cherry
    AX13 Ricky Cornwall
    N13 Ally Morrison
    DS16 Jade Moule
    AX23 Tim Gorski
    AX24 Jeremy Gorski
    AX33 Jamie Burton
    AX48 Luke Dingley
    AX56 Ayden Bellman
    AX62 Kasey Garlick
    AX74 Noah Lunt
    AX75 Colby Lunt
    AX81 Rhi Campton
    AX84 Courtney Meakins
    AX85 Rhys Meakins
    AX94 Tyler Barton
    AX97 Sharlotte McPherson

    AX4 Adam Barkby
    N4 Bailey Perkins
    N7 Aaron Price
    Moe8 Mitchell Bowyer
    N9 Mark Miles
    AX10 Nick Chrystie
    DS10 Mitch Blencowe
    RD11 Leigh Gooding
    RD19 Aaron Laidlaw & Kane Gibson
    AX36 Greg Parks
    N36 Bradley Hill
    N42 Garry Charles
    RD76 Neil Ingram
    DS78 Simon Strang
    SDAV84 Shannon Meakins

    00 David Forrest
    4 Wayne Alberni
    5 Cameron Dike
    6 Damien Miller
    ALEX6 Brendan Miller
    8 Steve Akil
    9 Colin Lincoln
    10 Tony Moule
    11 Rob Tatterson
    13 Tim McCubbin
    14 John Watson
    15 Corey Lincoln
    16 Jack Van Bremen
    18 Daniel Unternahrer
    19 Anthony Knight
    22 Wayne Furmston
    24 Dave McKenzie
    27 Jayde Aarts
    29 Dale Morrison
    31 James Cornfoot
    32 Brody Chrystie
    33 Lennie Bonnici
    36 Lee Beech
    38 Dean Pictor
    41 John Agosta
    43 Warrick Taylor
    44 Shane Kruger
    47 Garry Monti
    48 Russell Smith
    50 David Erikson
    52 Steve Kershaw
    53 Dennis Reid
    55 Darren Forrest
    56 Anthony Bellman
    61 Matt Nelson
    62 Peter Cox
    64 Steve Lincoln
    70 Alan McKinnon
    76 Jackson Lunt
    77 Luke Fallon
    81 Dylan Campton
    82 Gareth Wilson
    84 Josh Service
    86 Darryn Aarts
    88 Tom McKenna
    89 Andrew Jordan
    90 Jacob Blencowe
    91 Jeff Blencowe
    95 Robert Haisma
    96 Sonia Nelson
    97 Tim McPherson
    99 Frank Ramsdale
    111 Nathan O'Brien
    113 Warrick Howie
    122 Troy Tatterson
    136 Kevin Brogmus
    141 Corey Agosta
    144 Jaedn Alberni
    147 Rahmon Rivero
    151 Ash England
    154 Shane O'Brien
    246 Dale Smith
    641 Warren Alexander
    771 Scott O'Brien
    841 Brad Warren
    911 Leigh Bourke & Nathan Fawns
    961 Len Bates

    Written by
    Dean Thompson
    DMT Sports Media
    For Alexandra & District Speedway Club
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