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  • This Sunday Drouin Speedway will come alive once again, this time for its second last race meeting of the season with the Ladies Standard Saloons and Junior Standard Saloons featuring on track and the Dandenong Historic Car Club featuring off track with a car display sure to excite from the oldest to youngest enthusiasts around, add to this the popular Ace of Spades Vintage Speedway Sedan club on track and it is going to be an enjoyable day on Sunday.

    In the Stephenson’s Transport and Latrobe Waste and Recycling supported Junior Standard Saloon series last week’s Junior Sedan winner from Rosedale Kacey Ingram will be challenged at Drouin by club member Jack Yeomans who is currently Victoria 3, former Victorian champion Matt Bowers, last season competitor Bailey Perkins who is looking to conclude his Junior Sedan racing with a series feature race win and Rhys Lansdown a Drouin local member.

    The series has included Bairnsdale, Rosedale, Nyora and Drouin through the season and the development has been outstanding with Perkins and Bowers soon to enter in senior racing showing so much potential whilst the class will remain healthy with Yeomans, Ingram’s, Lewis Williams, the girls Tahlia and Karsha-Rose and then first year racer Riley to be around a little longer.

    In Ladies Standard Saloon racing Tegan Bullard and Shannon Lovell resume their battles that have given a little bit of everything this season including close racing, paint swapping and a little touch up here and there in the Soothing Body and Haze Hair by Design feature race, however they will have to watch out for Allana Ardley and Hayley Hutchins who have improved incredibly over the last couple of months, everybody will need to keep an eye out for the Victorian champion from Warragul Tracey Ingram.

    Standard Saloons have a great field as usual at Drouin with Mark Miles, Leigh Gooding, the Blencowe’s Jeff and Mitch, Victor Benson and Cameron Dike. A very tough field to pick a winner in this Sunday, In Open Sedans Hans Lovski is keen to defend his turf and Trafalgar’s Rob Tatterson and Daryl Nicholson are the competitors most likely to challenge. Lovski and Nicholson both compete in beautiful custom Modifieds with V8 engines that are a fan favourite.

    Finally the Ace of Spades Club are back and with the welcome return of the Chev Sloper that gets around at the hands of Bob Maloney. In a storm, the car was crushed by a falling tree and club were devastated thinking its time had come, Maloney though had other ideas and the boys soon dug in and restored the popular car and it will be on track this Sunday.

    Watch for club Photographer Craig Mitchell, will he be in a Standard Saloon, an Ace of Spades machine or both during the day in what is sure to give him a different perspective of the sport.

    For enquiries spectators are encouraged to call 0422 289 133

    Gates open at 8.30am racing from 11am with entry at $15 for Adults, a family ticket is $40 for two adults & 2 kids, kids aged 12 – 16 enter at $10 as do aged & invalid pensioners. Any child under the age of 12 is free

    Drouin Speedway club thank the 16/17 season supporters:
    Active Graphics
    Alberni Engineering
    AmpWorks Audio
    Baw Baw Shire
    Berwick Legal
    Boost 2 Drive
    CBM Photography
    Haze Hair by Design
    Keena Fencing
    Laser Electrical
    Latrobe Waste Recycling
    Leigh & Anne Gooding
    Longwarry Hotel
    Longwarry Meat Safe
    Miles Mechanical
    Monckton Concrete
    Norstar Steel Recyclers
    Onsite Rentals
    Pakenham Tilt Tray
    Polish & Shine
    Ramsdale Wreckers
    S.S Plastering & Painting
    TNT Auto Parts
    Victorian Crane Trucks
    Wilkar Construction

    Jack Yeomans
    Kacey Ingram
    Damon Ingram
    Lewis Williams
    Rhys Lansdown
    Tahlia Campbell
    Matt Bowers
    Karsha Rose Russell
    Bailey Perkins
    Riley Lawrence

    Hayley Hutchins
    Allana Ardley
    Shannon Lovell
    Courtney Sherry
    Tegan Bullard
    Tracey Ingram

    Garry Charles (Craig Mitchell )
    Ricky Connor
    Andrew Morris
    Cameron Dike
    Mitchell Blencowe
    Jeff Blencowe
    Mark Miles
    Brendon Miles
    Leigh Gooding
    Victor Benson

    Daryl Nicolson
    Hans Lovski
    John Watson
    Gavan Dorain
    Stuart Barkway
    Rob Tatterson
    Daniel Angus
    Jamie Angus

    Simon Wilshire
    Peter Quaife
    Roger Brockway
    Mark Cowin
    Col Chadwick (Craig Mitchell)
    Bob Maloney
    Darren Newton
    Lana O'Neill
    Bill O'Neill
    Matt Burgher
    Roger Morrow

    Written by
    Dean Thompson
    DMT Sports Media
    For Drouin Speedway Club

    Junior Sedan competitor Rhys Lansdown (C) CBM Photography

    Ace of Spades machinary (C) CBM Photography

    Open Sedan competitor Daryl Nicholson (C) CBM Photography

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